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Are Facial Fillers Permanent?

It’s no wonder facial fillers and injectables are becoming more prevalent in today’s non-stop modern world! They offer men and women a safe, fast, and non-surgical way to decrease signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, accentuate natural curves, and increase volume or add definition to specific areas of the face with minimal downtime. […]

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Acupuncture for Preventing Illness

Harsh Canadian winters leave our immune systems working overtime to fight off pathogens and disease, brave the cold climate, as well as adapt to drastic changes in temperature between the indoors and out. And while the most prevalent ailment affecting Canadians during winter is the common cold and flu, we’ve fortunately chosen to offer a […]

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Lip Injection Myths Debunked

Although a large majority of men and women desire fuller, more plump and balanced lips, prevailing myths keep them from achieving the results they truly desire. We’re here to debunk these commonly held beliefs while calling attention to genuine cautions that do exist in relation to the use of lip fillers. Let’s get started!

Myth #1 […]

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The SilkPeel – No Downtime & Noticeable Results

Looking for all the benefits of a microdermabrasion without the downtime? Has your skin been looking a bit dull and dehydrated? Would you love a quick treatment to balance and heal your uneven skin tone and/or acne? Our highly-referred, qualified and professional specialists here at Elements will leave your skin looking brighter, clearer, smoother and […]

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Restore Lost Facial Volume with Dermal Fillers

As we age, we naturally start to lose volume in areas of our face that make us appear young, fresh and vibrant. Our cheeks may have begun to look flat and hallow, we may have developed jowls resulting in a less defined jawline, or maybe the skin under our eyes has left us looking tired, […]

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Which Chemical Facial Peel is Right For Me?

If you’re looking for the best possible way to treat your problematic skin and reverse aging, then look no further! We’re presenting all the facts to help you choose which medical facial peel is best suited to your skin’s needs and desired results.

These peels work by applying a chemical solution to the skin that […]

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Tighten Skin Without Surgery

Do you want to improve the look of your skin without the hassle of surgery and time off work? Fortunately, Elements offers various affordable services for patients to get the results they desire immediately, using non-surgical methods with minimal downtime. These targeted treatments are non-invasive and use the latest technology to deliver results that can […]

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Men Turn To Injectables

Botox and injectables are more often associated to female-specific anti-aging. Many women opt for botox and dermal fillers to smooth the look of wrinkles, add volume to their cheeks, get rid of dark under eye circles and other desired younger looking results. Rarely do we think about how men can benefit from botox and dermal […]

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Autologours Cellular Regeneration Therapy (ACR) for natural anti-aging

As we age, our bodies’ ability to heal and regenerate new cells and produce collagen naturally decelerates. This means we require more time to rebuild, restore and filter foreign pathogens derived from poor air quality, environmental allergens and pesticide-ridden foods. These factors all contribute to our bodies’ degradation, resulting in more prominent signs of aging […]

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Reiki: holistic therapy to help your body heal faster naturally

Whether recently having undergone plastic surgery, skin tightening, filler injections or any other of our recommended MediSpa services, it is vitally important clients make an effort to establish a stable and supportive emotional and mental state in order for the body to heal and bounce back beautifully.

Reiki, a Japanese word that means universal life force […]

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