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As the most respected and well-renowned plastic surgeon in the country, Dr. Adibfar is committed to helping patients restore and preserve the balance between the body, mind and soul. Dr. Adibfar has dedicated his professional life to helping people retain their youthful spirit and exude such essence through the physical being. As the aging process affects the natural physical body, Dr. Adibfar seeks to delay such a process through his innovative and skilled cosmetic procedures that correct any physical imperfections, thereby providing a renewed balance between the body and the mind.

While being the most highly regarded cosmetic surgeon in Toronto, Dr. Adibfar is more than just that. He has an incredible amount of respect for his patients, and strives to ensure that their souls and minds are cared for just as much as their bodies through his work. He is a man of honour, and believes wholeheartedly that cosmetic procedures are not just a way to “fix” any physical imperfections, but also to help his patients improve their overall sense of self. It is through his impeccable ability to develop a relationship and level of trust between himself and his patients that has made him the best at what he does.

Dr. Adibfar’s educational background is highly extensive. He first obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Toronto in 1990, then went on to obtain his Doctorate of Medicine from the Medical College of Virginia. He then took up general surgery residency at the revered Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Dr. Adibfar than undertook his postgraduate Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery residency at both the Vanderbilt University Hospital and the University of Toronto. He was then honoured to become a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada in Plastic Surgery in 2003.

As a well-respected Obstetrician Gynaecologist, Dr. Hadi’s entire career has been devoted to caring for women’s needs. As a mother, wife and career-oriented woman, Dr. Hadi has nothing but the highest of expectations for herself, which is evident in her work. She seeks to banish the typical and negative stereotypes of plastic surgery for women. She knows that any cosmetic procedure sought out by women is much more than just a way to superficially enhance one’s looks. It’s about boosting a person’s self-esteem, and improving a person’s already-present beauty. Dr. Hadi takes the time necessary to listen attentively to each and every one of her clients, and establish the appropriate course of action for each based on their own individual needs and desires.

Dr. Hadi is known to offer the most innovative techniques that help the modern woman reach their goals to retain and regain their figures after many of life’s physical challenges, including childbirth. Her cutting-edge procedures help women achieve their goals within their budget, and with minimal downtime. Dr. Hadi is proud to have implemented a number or surgical and non-surgical options, which has led to the development of the national training centre for surgeons who seek to incorporate new medical laser procedures for vaginal support in their clinics.

Dr. Hadi is also proud to have partnered with Elements Toronto to offer clients the option of taking advantage of the most innovative, non-surgical, non-invasive female cosmetic procedures, providing results that are highly comparable to those of surgical procedures. Most women are looking towards such non-surgical procedures on an increasing basis in order to experience noticeable improvement without pain or unnecessary blood loss, no downtime, no recovery required, and at a price point they can afford.

As a professional devoted to improving the well-being of others, Dr. Sara Celik is a firm believer in treating the “whole” of a person, including mind, body and soul. In addition to improving the outward beauty of an individual, she is also very interested in improving inner balance as well. Dr. Celik is very interested in helping her clients take charge of their health and beauty, which is reflected in her work. Dr. Celik makes it a point of educating, inspiring and energizing her patients.

Dr. Celik’s educational background is far-reaching. She received a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree from the University of Western Ontario. She then completed a four-year post-graduate program from The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in 2005 to earn the title Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. She then followed this up with masters in homeopathic medicine. Dr. Celik she has worked in the health and wellness industry for over 13 years, delivering expert assistance with detoxification, food allergies and metabolic weight loss.

Dr. Celik is the leading Naturopathic Doctor and Detox Expert in the country, and regularly contributes to various health and beauty publications. She has also been featured on a number of television shows as a health expert. With her combined work and educational experience, Dr. Celik is also proud to serve as a spokesperson on educating the public regarding detoxification and metabolic weight loss, as well as the importance of taking a centralizing approach to overall healthcare.

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