Naturopathic Medicine

Imagine radiant skin, abundant energy and a peaceful mind, along with optimal physical health! At Elements, our naturopathic physicians can help you address the underlying causes of all your health concerns – all within a serene, luxurious and private spa environment. Our customized services will help to totally revitalize and rejuvenate your entire body.
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Think about it – toxins and pollutants always surround us. Whether it’s the air we breathe in, the water we drink, or the land we walk on, toxins are everywhere. These all have a negative effect on our health. With Biotherapeutic drainage and herbal detoxification at Elements, these hazardous effects can be reversed.

Developed over a century ago, Biotherapeutic drainage involves low potency combinations of homeopathic remedies that target your specific health concern. Cellular toxins are released, thereby improving your health by optimizing organ and cell function. This safe, non-toxic remedy acts to rebalance, heal, and restore the body, and won’t interfere with homeopathy, pharmaceutical medications or herbs.

Herbal detoxification is a gentle and effective means of treating medical conditions that does not interfere with pharmaceutical medications. While basic detoxification starts with diet, detoxification programs can include nutritional reinforcement for organs such as the liver, lungs, kidneys, bowels and blood. At Elements, our naturopathic specialists will carefully assess your specific ailments and develop a program tailored specifically to put you back on the path to optimal health.

While one nutritional plan might work for one person, it might not necessarily work for another. At Elements, we recognize the uniqueness of every client that walks through our doors, and as such, we take the time necessary to formulate a specific nutritional plan that is designed to cater to your body.

With nutritional counselling at Elements, we can help with pre- and post-natal nutrition, children’s nutrition, healthy living after 50, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, food intolerances, diabetes and insulin resistance, and healthy vegetarian eating.

Successful weight loss depends on a number of things, including good nutritional habits, regular exercise and plenty of sleep. At Elements, we use sophisticated technology to measure your body’s requirements, and then devise a comprehensive plan to help you make the necessary life changes so you can lose weight and keep it off!

Our weight loss specialists can provide you with all the tools needed to safely lose weight, such as a body composition scale evaluation, vitamin B12 injections, and one-on-one sessions.

Mind and body medicine focuses on the interactions between mind and body, and the ways that emotional, mental, social and spiritual components directly affect health.

At Elements, we can help you enhance your capacity for self-care and self-awareness, thereby boosting your level of self-esteem, as well as your ability to see the positives in the world around you!

Cosmetic acupuncture is an anti-aging treatment that involves probing needles into various points of the face to reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging. It assists with the elimination of fine lines, and makes deeper lines appear softer. It also helps to minimize the look of dark circles, puffy eyes, and double chin.

Facial rejuvenation helps to improve the appearance of the skin by alleviating skin conditions like broken capillaries, fine lines, deep wrinkles, skin pigmentation, uneven skin tones, large pores, and loss of elasticity. These treatments are a natural alternative to assist with the balance of uneven facial features.

Traditional Chinese medicine has been practiced in China for over 4,000 years, and boasts a complete medical system that can be used to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases. It can even help to alter the state of mind, enhance the immune system, and the capacity for pleasure and creativity. At Elements, we have embraced the natural power of acupuncture to help alleviate a number of medical ailments.

Acupuncture involves the placement of needles at various points on the body, which help to alleviate a number of health conditions. Some needles may be placed deeper into the skin at certain points compared to others, depending on what our acupuncturist feels is necessary. Sport injuries, musculoskeletal and neurological disorders, mental/emotional problems, internal diseases, and reproductive issues can all be treated effectively and safely through a series of sessions at Elements.

A number of specialized lab tests are conducted here at Elements to help identify any undetected medical conditions, as well as to assist in the attaining and maintaining of optimal health, including:

  • Urinary hormone level testing
  • Sleep profile
  • Comprehensive nutritional panel
  • Lipoprotein particle profile
  • Yeast culture and sensitivity
Elements offers comprehensive tests for food sensitivities and allergies. Our clients are tested for hundreds of foods to detect sensitivities and allergies. A small amount of blood is needed to complete this test, after which the blood sample is sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Results are returned within 2 to 3 weeks. Should a sensitivity or allergy to specific foods be discovered, a tailored, balanced diet will be devised to help improve physical symptoms.

Measuring your hormone levels is important to identify whether or not they are out of balance, which can cause a number of physical and emotional issues. Among the most accurate ways to measure hormone levels is through saliva.

At Elements, we recommend saliva hormone testing as an important first step in assessing where your hormones might be out of balance.

Cortisol is a hormone that is preferentially made during times of stress. A cortisol test is done to measure the level of cortisol in the blood.

At Elements, we take a blood sample to measure the level of cortisol present in your blood. Levels that are too high or low could be a signal of an underlying condition that should be further tested by your physician.

How our metabolism works plays a key role in maintaining an optimal weight. Everyone’s metabolic rate is different, which is why some people are able to stay slim while consuming the same daily calories as another person who is slightly overweight. For this reason, the right nutrition will depend in part on an individual’s metabolism.

At Elements, we offer metabolic testing to identify how well your metabolism is able to process food, and at what rate. By identifying issues that affect your metabolic rate, you can help naturally boost the rate at which your body burns fat and calories.

Even if you think you’re eating a nutritionally balance diet, sometimes additional vitamins are needed to supplement our daily diets. By having a full vitamin profile and analysis done at Elements, you can identify what important vitamins and essential nutrients are off balance.

We test the vitamin profile of several vitamins, in addition to total antioxidant function and essential minerals. This helps our medical specialists help to prescribe the right combination of vitamins and supplements to complement your diet.