Cosmetic Gynecology

Childbirth, illness, and the passage of time can all take their toll on your physical appearance and bodily functions. There often comes a time when a woman owes herself some much-needed TLC, and vaginal rejuvenation can be one way to safely and effectively beautify the look of your genitals, renew vaginal muscle tone, and enhance your level of sexual satisfaction.

Whether you suffer from enlarged or uneven labia, or lax vaginal walls, labiaplasty and vaginoplasty can essentially give you the opportunity to relieve discomfort and improve self-esteem. You can essentially create a ‘designer’ vagina through these cosmetic procedures that offer incredible results – both physical and emotional.

Gynecological plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular. Women are learning they truly can take control of their bodies, improve their self-confidence, and improve their sexual experiences through vaginal rejuvenation.

At Elements Medi-spa, Dr. Adibfar has been perfecting the art of vaginoplasty many years. Women who have gone through multiple childbirths tend to experience lax vaginal muscles after delivery. Even Kegals may not effectively tighten the muscles of the vaginal wall. Vaginoplasty is a safe, outpatient procedure that tightens up these muscles, and helps directly enhance sexual experience once again.

This procedure tones the muscles of the vaginal wall, providing a greater level of strength and control, leading to greater contraction and enhanced sexual experiences. Dr. Adibfar uses innovative techniques to perform vaginoplasty in his state-of-the-art facility and extensive experience performing this cosmetic surgery.

After a few days following surgery, you’ll be able to walk, and within 4 to 6 weeks weeks, you’ll be able to engage in regular activities again. Risks of vaginoplasty include bleeding, infection, scarring and possible asymmetry.

Enlarged or uneven labia can be effectively corrected through labiaplasty. Not only can this procedure improve a woman’s genital appearance, it can also relieve pain and discomfort felt from pinching and pulling of clothing on the labia. A labiaplasty is a relatively simple plastic surgery procedure that can relieve these physical symptoms by resizing the labia majora or labia minora. Elongated labial folds are reduced, resulting in a more visually appealing genital area and improved sexual confidence.

Performed as an outpatient procedure, Dr. Adibfar at Elements Medi-spa can help you restore the form and function of your vagina and labia, all with one surgery. The downtime and risks associated with labiaplasty are similar to those with vaginoplasty, and are also uncommon.

This is a minimally invasive, non-surgical, treatment when performed using hyaluronic acid (not approved for vaginal use), but doctors say the shot is safe. Furthermore, the treatment is not permanent and can temporarily enhance/enlarge the Grafenburg spot. Promoting the prominence of the G-Spot is an excellent way of enhancing ones sexual pleasures.

This is a treatment for patients familiar with the location of the G-Spot prior to undergoing the procedure. Ideally for sexually active woman with normal sexual function who are at ease with discovering or promoting the prominence of the G-Spot. The G- Spot amplification treatment is best performed by a Plastic Surgeon. Lucky for us, the highly credited plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar is trained in the procedure. Of course given he is a plastic surgeon, expensive needles are not the only way to improve your chance at pleasure and better orgasm. Ask about your options before you commit, such as surgery – what else can be done to help stimulate your sexual experience.

A private consultation with Dr. Adibfar is complementary and confidential, and will give you the opportunity to discuss exactly what is best for you.
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