Massage Therapy

Immerse yourself in the most indulgent spa treatments within a tranquil and contemporary environment at Elements Spa. Massage is among the oldest forms of healing based simply on the power of the touch. Whether you’re suffering from muscle pain, headaches, fatigue, low energy, or high blood pressure, various massage therapy techniques can help.

The professional licensed massage therapists at Elements offer a wide range of massage techniques to help target your specific issues. At Elements, you’ll benefit from the healing powers of massage in a luxurious resort-like environment!

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Many times the sharp pains or dull aches you are feeling are caused by tightness in muscle tissue in one specific area that has a ripple effect on other parts of the body. These “pressure points” can be identified in order to alleviate this pain and tension.

Through cycles of isolated pressure and release, our licensed massage therapists at Elements can effectively reduce the pain and aches you’re feeing, no matter what part of your body you’re experiencing them in.

Sometimes all you need to relax and undo the stresses and pressures of life is to engage in a relaxation massage. When stress levels rise because of work deadlines or traffic-heavy commutes, an unhealthy build-up of cortisol – or the “stress hormone” – can mount, causing all sorts of side effects like headaches, muscle aches, insomnia and even digestive problems.

Enter the relaxation massage, which has been scientifically shown to reduce these harmful cortisol levels. Elements offers a variety of relaxation style massages tailored to your specific needs to help wipe away the body’s stresses and kick start the relaxation process.

Enhance your next massage therapy session with Elements’ aromatherapy massage, which incorporates fragrant oils extracted from fruits, herbs, and other natural sources. With this type of holistic therapy, your massage therapist will help select and blend the ideal essential oils that will be most beneficial for you.

Using gentle massaging techniques to apply the oils, you can effectively experience reduced aches and pains, improved circulation, reduced anxiety, and an overall feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation of the senses.

A sluggish immune system is not uncommon in many patients. If you have recently suffered an injury, have undergone surgery, or simply have blockages in your lymph nodes, a lymphatic drainage massage can be the key to alleviating your symptoms.

A lymphatic massage is a gentle therapy that helps improve the flow of lymphatic fluids in the body, as well as reducing swelling, alleviating chronic fatigue, and boosting the immune system. Oftentimes after surgery or an injury, lymph nodes can becomes blocked, and lymphatic fluid pools due to lack of proper drainage. Our licensed massage therapists at Elements will apply specific hand motions to help stimulate the opening of the lymphatic pores, encourage the flow of lymphatic fluid, and removal of waste.

For the ultimate combination of a relaxation massage and muscle tension release, Swedish massage is highly effective. This classic massage modality involves long strokes and gentle kneading to help release tension and loosen muscle knots that are often the cause of muscular pain.

Relaxing these tense muscles not only relieves pain, but also improves circulation, flexibility, range of motion, and even promotes a calmer state of mind!

For those with severe muscle knots and tension causing sharp pain and reduced mobility and range of motion, a deep tissue massage can work wonders to alleviate this tension. Through a series of direct firm pressure, slow strokes and cross-friction hand motions across the grain of the muscles, our massage therapists can alleviate your pain by releasing muscle knots and tension.

This massage involves more firm pressure than a Swedish massage in order to target deeper layers of muscle tissue. A deep tissue massage is ideal for those who have chronic lower back pain, sore shoulders, and frequent tension headaches.

Massage during pregnancy not only relieves joint pains and muscle aches, but it can also help reduce anxiety, depressed moods, and even improve the ease of labor! In fact, studies have shown that pregnant women who get a massage for 5 weeks every other week had lowered levels of stress hormones and increased serotonin and dopamine (anti-stress hormone) levels, leading to fewer birth and newborn complications. With light to medium pressure applied to specific muscles in the body, you can experience relaxed muscle tension and improved circulation.

Our experienced, licensed massage therapists at Elements provide an exceptional prenatal massage experience to target all your aches throughout pregnancy!