PRP Therapy

PRP Therapy – short for Platelet Rich Plasma – is a revolutionary treatment method that uses the natural healing power of the patient’s own isolated blood platelets. The activation of collagen productions works to restore and enhance the face and neck by creating volume in appropriate areas, and improving skin tone and texture.

PRP therapy is a fantastic option to fight the signs of aging, including wrinkles and fine lines, loss of volume, and hallowed out areas of the face. Those who are hesitant about artificial injections can opt for PRP therapy instead, which provides amazing, natural results. In just one visit, Dr. Adibfar can draw blood from a patient, separate the platelets from other blood cells during a process called centrifugation, then inject the platelet-rich plasma back into the targeted areas, all in one visit.

The centrifuged plasma that is injected is rich in growth factors, which are needed to repair the body and fight the signs of aging. With the stimulation of the development of collagen, new cells grow, and a collagen support structure is created, which reduce the signs of aging and enhance a more youthful appearance.

Post treatment will typically result in redness and spotting in the skin. Although it may take longer to see the results compared to more immediate treatment methods, PRP therapy is extremely effective – all without putting anything foreign into your body.

When combined with dermal fillers, PRP Therapy is also known as the “Vampire Lift”, which works to enhance and improve the “lift” action of PRP therapy. The end result is improved facial texture, tone, and volume.

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