Youthful & Irresistible Lips

Lips – we kiss, we smile and we talk with our lips. Lips take center stage. Everyone love’s beautiful lips – The question is, how do you get natural looking seductive lips?

One method is using lipstick and lip liner to enhance your lips, however most will agree this does not always look very natural, not mention, very kissable. Furthermore, if you’re a male, you may not be open to using lips stick and liner.

Three quarters of women would avoid lip fillers for fear of ending up with the fish – look lips. Yet a survey of 1000 women found 63% would like fuller lips. Despite that 78% avoid getting injectable lip fillers.

You see your colourist regularly to hide grays that crop up, and you rev up your anti -aging routine to help fight off wrinkles. So why wouldn’t you want to do the same to prevent your lips from making you look older than you are?

Well the main reason half of women (60 percent) stay clear of lip treatment is fear of “trout pout“ the wonky, disproportionate mouth that sometimes can be a result of poor injection treatment or wrong product for the delicate lip area. To prevent your smile from looking UN – natural its important you go to an expert. That means, find an experienced specialist injector.


At elements, we provide our patients with the best of best, a plastic surgeon, who has performed over 6,000 injectable treatments. The only Plastic Surgeon and Oral Maxcial Facial Surgeon presently in Canada – By having Dr. Adibfar perform all lip enhancement procedures we avoid creating what most people refer to as “trout pout”. Furthermore, provide patients with the upmost safety. A plastic surgeon that is also a maxi-facial surgeon understands the facial anatomy. Dr. Adibfar is amazingly effective – in addition to, provides safe injectable treatments achieving the desired results by recognizing that each smile comes with a unique dental background all on their own.

This provides additional resources for Dr. Adibfar in making the discussion as to, how to treat the lips – keeping them even and balanced through professional treatment program. In the end, the lips are a bit more complicated than treating the mid face – and knowing how to correct or remove fillers is as important as knowing how to add fillers. Because anyone can inject, it is important you are aware the art of a natural looking full lip’s is not for every injector. Hence the “trout lip“. Injecting the lips takes time. And good results is in large part based on the injector’s skill, in other words – it is for a professional. This will ensure best results and minimize potential problems.

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