At Elements, we are proud to offer the services of a registered dietician to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Before getting started on a personalized program, you’ll take part in an initial consultation to help our dietician fully understand your specific goals, your needs, and your lifestyle. Your health and fitness levels will be accurately assessed before any customized plan has been put in motion.

Our dietician plan includes:
• Personalized meal plan based on food preferences, lifestyle and goals
• Grocery shopping guide, including what to include on your grocery list
• Personalized grocery store tour
• Pre- and post-surgery nutrition planning
• Weekly menus and recipes
• Cooking guides
• Ongoing counselling
• Ongoing assessments to track your progress

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There are plenty of reasons why having a professional dietician motivate and guide you can help you stay the course and help you reach your goals. Whether you want to lose or gain weight, change your body composition, reach a specific fitness goal, discover a new way to eat specifically for athletic performances, or manage certain health conditions, nutrition counselling can be the ticket to achieving those goals.

Many medical conditions have been successfully improved through proper nutrition, including:

• Heart disease
• High cholesterol
• High blood pressure
• Diabetes
• Low iron or anemia
• Celiac disease/gluten intolerance
• Gastrointestinal conditions
• Osteoporosis
• Pre- or post-pregnancy
• Food intolerances or allergies

There are plenty of reasons to incorporate the help of a dietician into your fitness regimen, some obvious, some not so obvious. At Elements, we’re proud to have Sara Jafari on our team, a registered dietitian and nutritionist who’s goal it is to help you attain the most healthy body possible. Through thorough discussions and assessments about your health and fitness goals, Sara can make suggestions and help formulate a customized program just for you.

Your initial conversation will involve designing a sustainable nutrition plan that is tailored specifically to your needs, tastes and lifestyle. Making a drastic change overnight is not the key. Instead, Sara will help you make gradual changes that you can stick with, ultimately helping you reach your final goal. Through follow-up appointments, Sara will review your food journal and assess the progress you are making based on the goals you expressed during your initial consultation.

Any feedback will be provided, which will help ensure that you stay on track. Any obstacles or challenges that you face can be made more feasible with Sara’s ongoing help and support. You’ll have the distinct advantage of learning how to prepare your meals on your own, and even continue dining at your favourite restaurants while still staying on track. You’ll be provided with many delicious and healthy recipes that are specifically suited for your taste buds. Sara will motivate you and cheer you on as you strive towards a life of optimal health and wellness!