Women of all ages strive for beautiful, youthful and irresistible lips. They’re a focal point of beauty and sexiness. They take centre stage. We kiss with them. We smile with them. We all want seductive looking lips that draw a bit of envy. But how do you get natural looking, irresistible lips?


Some women may use lipstick, lip liners or other makeup to enhance their lips. However, these methods might not deliver a very natural or even kissable look. While a growing percentage of women want fuller, sexier lips, they fear lip fillers because they don’t want the end result to be unnatural looking or fake. The inevitable signs of aging can make lips look older than they really are. This can have a significant impact on your beauty and confidence.


“Some women steer clear of cosmetic lip treatments because they don’t want their lips to be disproportionate, unnatural or resemble the “trout pout” that we’ve seen in the media before”, explains Dr. Ali Adibfar, the medical director at Elements Wellness and Medispa – Yorkville’s premier luxury medical spa. “This fear is common, but it really comes down to the medispa team you partner with. These unnatural results are often caused by improper treatment procedures or by using the wrong products for this delicate area. That’s why it’s so important to select a trusted medispa team that offers access to talented specialists with years of experience.”


Partner with a Trusted Toronto Medispa Team for Irresistible Lips

Creating irresistible lips takes time and skill. It really is an art. Each person is unique and their mouth is a delicate area. To ensure we deliver beautiful, naturally looking irresistible lips, the Elements Wellness and Medispa team employs a rigorous lip enhancement process that places safety at the forefront.


We’re dedicated to delivering beautifully balanced and irresistible lips in the safest way possible. At our Yorkville medispa clinic, we offer access to a lip enhancement experience that you cannot find anywhere else in Canada. This includes:

  • Access to the only plastic surgeon and oral maxi-facial surgeon in Canada who has performed more than 6,000 injectable treatments
  • Deep understanding of the facial anatomy and how injectables can be used to achieve individually beautiful results
  • Experienced medispa specialists who are dedicated to safety
  • A talented team that is consistently improving their procedures, products and approaches


Irresistible Lips: How Do We Do it?

Aside from access to a medispa team and medical director that has extensive experience in delivering amazing results, our team uses products that help create irresistible lips that you’ll love.


Our team chooses to use the most advanced Hyaluronic Acid temporary dermal fillers that minimize the chance of hard lumps and other potential long term adverse reactions caused by more permanent fillers or even lip implants. This highly customizable and safe approach allows our medispa team to enhance the lips in a way that is natural, harmonized and irresistibly beautiful which over time gets replaced with your own natural collagen to keep the newly created volume and shape.


“For many women, lip enhancements are part of an overall beauty transformation,” explains Dr. Ali Adibfar – one of Toronto’s top plastic surgeons. “We typically perform lip enhancement procedures in combination with other treatments to correct and treat the skin around the lips. This includes popular procedures such as Botox or laser resurfacing. It’s a comprehensive approach that delivers a beautiful appearance and irresistible smile.”


Irresistible Lips: How Can They Be Enhanced?

Many women choose to undergo a lip enhancement procedure to correct thin, uneven lips. They’re searching for more voluminous, irresistible lips that support their overall beauty and confidence


Here are just a few ways the Elements Wellness and Medispa team can enhance your lips to create a more youthful appearance that can redefine your beauty.

  • More volume for soft, irresistibly kissable lips
  • Reduced appearance of smoker lines, marionette lines, wrinkles and creases
  • A more natural up turn corner
  • A more defined philtrum ridge that goes from the upper lip towards the nose
  • Improved symmetry
  • Enhanced shape that accentuates your facial beauty and appearance


Looking for Irresistible Lips?

Contact our Elements Wellness and Medispa team to book your initial consultation at our Yorkville Toronto spa today. Under the watchful eye of Dr. Ali Adibfar – Elements’ Toronto Medical Director – we’ll review your beauty goals. From there we can identify the best lip enhancement program that will deliver incredibly irresistible lips.


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