Looking Natural With Botox and Fillers

We’ve all seen the botched photos of past celebrities whose lips may look too large or their skin appears pulled back too tight. Some of us may even notice our neighbours with lips that simply aren’t proportioned to their facial features. While we all certainly prefer different looks and facial features, the majority of clients […]

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New Trends: Hand Injections

As we age we naturally begin to see changes in our skin, and our hands are some of the first areas to show strong signs of aging! Daily wear and tear, sun damage, and other lifestyle choices — alongside the natural aging process — can lead to hands that display prominent sunspots, protruding veins, and […]

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The Best Skin Care Tips For Men

Whether it be winter, spring, summer, or fall, skin care needs to remain an important part of both women’s and men’s regimens. While women still seem to dominate the skin care realm, men should never be ashamed of wanting to take better care of their skin, implementing routines, and undergoing treatments to enable themselves to […]

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Fighting Acne Scars

Without treatment, scars last forever. Patients come into Toronto’s Elements Spa often to address textural skin issues that have existed for them for years, sometimes even decades. Acne can be a very traumatic condition for adolescents and even adults! Every day we try our best to present ourselves to our peers, family, friends, and colleagues […]

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Why Are Millennials Getting Botox?

We now live in the age of information. That means the majority of us have access to knowledge and education from the convenience of our phones. We can learn a new skill or program, try out a new recipe, even learn about the latest in skin care and anti-aging. Decades previous, Botox and other injectables […]

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What Are Hyaluronic Acids?

It’s no surprise that there’s a lot of hype regarding hyaluronic acids in the beauty, skincare and anti-aging realms, especially in the last couple of years. Boutique skin care lines are launching hyaluronic acid marketed products, claiming they offer the same results as hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. In this article we’ll be discussing exactly what […]

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Banish Acne Scarring with Fraxel!

Your face is the first thing you put forward, and acne scars can leave you feeling insecure and less confident. You’ll be happy to know board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar at Toronto’s Elements Spa has a solution to your problem. Years of mild to severe acne can take a toll on your skin, and […]

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Better Looking Skin: 3 Expert Tips

Better looking skin is something we all want. They say there’s always room for improvement, right? There has probably been a few times even this past week where you were wishing you had better looking skin. Perhaps it was seeing your favourite celebrity on TV with flawless skin or even a passer by that caught […]

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Medical Peel Options: Which is Right for You

There are many medical peel options available to you. But have you ever asked yourself which medical peel is right for me? It’s a common question for men and women who are seeking more beautiful, rejuvenated skin without undergoing surgery. “The medical peel options available today have made them extremely popular because they can shave years off […]

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Sexy Pout with Fillers

A sexy pout can define a woman’s beauty and confidence. Our lips are such a focal point. Most women would give anything to have Angelina Jolie’s sexy pout – even for a day.


But what if you’re searching for more luxurious lips? Fillers have become a wildly popular medical spa treatment for those seeking a sexier […]

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