Medical peel recovery isn’t something to fear. But there are certain things you should know in order to maximize your beauty. Cosmetic chemical peels have many benefits that can help you meet your individual beauty goals. These trusted medical spa procedures are becoming more common as people begin to experience the amazing results they deliver. “Chemical peels are helping people of all ages have beautiful and more youthful looking skin,” said Dr. Adibfar, one of Toronto’s best plastic surgeons.


After undergoing a chemical peel your skin will be very sensitive. Medical peel recover is vital to your beauty. That’s why it’s so important to understand what to expect and the actions required during the recovery phase. “While the tips below are helpful, our team will take the time to help you identify the right approach and recovery routine to ensure you receive the best results and avoid any irritation that can occur,” said Dr. Adibfar.


The highly experienced team at Elements Wellness and Medispa will take the time to discuss a very detailed post care process. This includes a list of products that can help during the initial phases of the healing process and identify those that should be avoided. “We’ll work together to maintain your skin’s integrity, prevent scarring and help enhance the results that the chemical peel will deliver,” explains Dr. Adibfar.


Did you know there are things that you can do before and after your medical peel to improve the results? Let’s take a closer look at some expert advice from one of the best medical spas in Toronto.


Preparing for Your Medical Peel and Recovery

How can you set yourself up for success? Here are a few do’s and don’ts that you should be aware of:

  1. Do not use certain acne medication several months before you’re about to undergo your medical peel. Speak with your trusted medical spa team to identify which medications should be avoided.
  2. Do not use waxing or hair removal cream or ointments two weeks prior to your chemical peel treatment.
  3. Do not undergo any laser hair removal treatments a month prior. Equally as important, speak to your trusted medical spa specialists about when you can resume laser hair removal treatments.
  4. Put your tanning sessions on hold at least one month prior to your chemical peel.


Expert Advice to Help You Maximize Results After Your Chemical Peel

Medical Peel Recovery: Immediately After Your Chemical Peel 

Your skin will be sensitive and tender immediately after your chemical peel. This is a very normal occurrence. Rely on the advice of your trusted medical spa team about the skincare products that should be immediately applied to protect your skin. “We’ll provide a list of ideal ointments that will help your skin heal appropriately,” said Dr. Adibfar. “We carefully select these skin care products to keep the skin moist and protected.”


Medical Peel Recovery: Day One and Two After Your Chemical Peel

It’s important to continue to use the products recommended by your medical spa team. You’ll notice that your skin is dry and beginning to peel. This is a common part of the recovery phase. “We’ll help determine which moisturizers, sunscreen and skin care products you should be using to protect your skin,” explains Dr. Adibfar.


Medical Peel Recovery: Day Three After Your Chemical Peel

You’ll likely notice that your skin is very dry and you may even notice lines or dark spots. This is a natural process as your skin prepares to peel. The skin around your mouth is often the first area to flake. During this part of the recovery phase you will be instructed to use a moisturizer several times a day and gently massage your face in the evening to encourage the skin to peel.


Medical Peel Recovery: Day Four and Beyond After Your Chemical Peel

To continue the recovery phase, you’ll be instructed by your medical spa team to exfoliate your skin. It’s important to approach this part of your recovery as gently as possible to avoid undue irritation, abrasions and scarring.


“Depending on how your skin is healing, you’ll likely be able to resume your normal skin care routine at this point,” said Dr. Adibfar, a top-rated RealSelf doctor. “We’ll take the time to thoroughly discuss your typical skin care regimen to determine if there are any concerns with the treatments or products you use.”


Our trusted Toronto medispa team is there to help ensure your recovery is as comfortable as possible while providing expert advice that will contribute to amazingly beautiful results.


What You Need to Know

Our team of medical spa experts are there to help. It’s important to follow our post care instructions very closely. Maintaining appropriate moisture and gently cleansing your face will help the healing process significantly.


If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to ask us immediately. We believe educating our clients helps them have a more comfortable and enjoyable medical spa experience. We’re always willing to share our insight and advice with you.