Facial rejuvenation treatments for men have become a hot topic in cosmetic dermatology, and they continue to gain in popularity as men seek quick fixes and anti-aging treatments to address their areas of concern. While Botox remains an injection administered to mostly females, every year more and more men are visiting their local dermatologists and cosmetic plastic surgeons to see what Botox can do for them.

What is Botox?

Botox, or botulinum toxin A, is a safely purified, cosmetically prepared injection used to temporarily and partially weaken specific muscles in the face to make patients appear naturally more relaxed, fresh and rested. It works by blocking neural impulses from reaching the muscles so that the muscles don’t contract. When we create expressions, our facial muscles create folds in the skin. These common repetitive daily expressions create deep lines in the skin which Botox helps diminish by keeping the muscle still enough that it no longer creates deep folds, resulting in a softer expression.

Is Botox Different For Men?

Botox treatments performed on a male patient are technically and aesthetically different from those performed on the face of a female patient, and using the same techniques used on women can lead to poor results. Because men’s facial muscles differ to those of women, it’s important that patients seek out the expertise of a very experienced, expert injector like Elements’ board-certified, award-winning cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar. He warns that because men and women show significant variation in facial muscles—like the forehead and around the eyes and temples—carefully tailoring the injection technique is crucial in order to avoid feminizing the male patient’s facial features. A male’s forehead muscle differs greatly from a woman’s, as well as their more horizontal and less arched brow. Men also typically require different doses than women because of their biologically larger facial muscle mass.

Treatment Areas

Men most commonly receive Botox injections between the brows, along forehead creases and around their crow’s feet. Meticulously customized injections are administered to soften frown lines, which when severely pronounced can relay a displeasing first impression and negatively affect a man’s professional and/or personal life.

A patient’s results with Botox will always depend on the expertise and experience of the injector. Men typically look for results that are more subtle, preferring a natural result that softens their lines and wrinkles. The right injector will always preserve the male patient’s ability to move the brows laterally, never over administering so that it looks unnatural. Because men also have lower set brows, over-treating the area will result in an overly arched brow which is not ideal or masculine looking.

Men are turning to Botox because it quickly and easily addresses their problem areas. Overly active muscles and dynamic lines around the eyes are softened, and men are left with a smoother, more rested appearance that comes to full fruition three to five days after receiving injections. Results also last anywhere from three to four months depending on the patient.

Dr. Adibfar consults with his patients to first discuss the look the patient desires, then analyzes the patient’s facial structure and muscles, and lastly creates an injection map (or plan) before going ahead with the Botox injections. This not only ensures precision when administering, but also lends optimal results. Male patients appear more relaxed, rested and youthful while still looking masculine and with no indication of having had any treatment.

Having administered thousands of Botox injections successfully and with aesthetically pleasing results, expert injector Dr. Adibfar has created the WALL STREET BOTOX treatment specifically tailored to men seeking a quick and efficient way to address their facial problem areas in a way that is natural and masculine looking, without disrupting their busy day-to-day schedules and commitments.

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