Before you undergo your treatment, it’s important to get some professional Botox tips from one of Toronto’s best plastic surgeons. As one of the best spas and medical clinics in Toronto, we have been long-time advocates of Botox. Our team of trusted specialists relies on the benefits of Botox as a safe and effective cosmetic solution for wrinkles, facial lines and is often used to combat the natural signs of aging. “For years we have been delivering incredible results with Botox,” said Dr. Ali Adibfar, the medical director for Elements Wellness and Medispa – Toronto’s premier medical clinics located in the heart of Yorkville. “While Botox can revolutionize a person’s beauty and appearance, it can cause a lot of damage if it’s misused.”


Botox is a popular cosmetic treatment and is consistently discussed in the media. Men and women across Toronto, North America and around the world undergo Botox treatments as they pursue a more beautiful version of themselves. What has made Elements one of the best spas in Toronto is our dedication to health and safety. Botox can be misused and overused, which can cause significant health and beauty issues.


As you pursue a more beautiful facial appearance with the help of Botox, it’s important to be educated on the process before you undergo your first treatment. Dr. Adibfar and the team at Elements Wellness and Medispa put together some do’s and don’ts that you should follow to ensure your Botox treatment experience delivers amazing results and does not place your health in jeopardy.



Botox Tips: The Do’s

1. Do your research and homework. Find a trusted doctor and medispa that has certified specialists who can show you their proven track record of delivering amazing results with Botox. Ask them to see their before and after photos. This will give you a sense of their skills and the end results.


2. Do be an open book. If this is your first time with Botox, let your doctor and medispa staff know. While any reputable medical spa or wellness clinic will ask you, it’s important to have this information out in the open. They should take the time to educate you on the entire process. This is the time to ask questions… lots of questions. Because being knowledgeable about Botox will make the experience a whole lot more comfortable and safe.


3. Do have realistic expectations. Using Botox to redefine your beauty and appearance is a process. While lines and wrinkles will fade away and you’ll look younger, it’s important to have realistic expectations before going into the procedure. You won’t come out looking like someone else. Nor should you. Your trusted medispa team should have open and honest conversations about the results you can expect.



Botox Tips: The Don’ts


1. Don’t accept anything but the best.There are plenty of spas, consultants and clinics that are more than willing to administer Botox. Just because they offer a great deal or can “squeeze you in today”, doesn’t mean they are the right fit. 


“I can’t stress enough how important it is to select a medical spa that is certified and has a history of great results and happy clients,” said Dr. Adibfar. While many can say they are the best, don’t accept it at face value. Look at their credentials, technology and reviews. They should also have a conservative Botox injection schedule because overdoing it can cause significant complications.


2. Don’t get impatient.It can take 7 to 14 days to see the full results of your Botox treatment. If you don’t see the effect right away, don’t get impatient. The worst thing you could do is rush out to another clinic or spa for more injections. Give it some time. If you’re worried that it hasn’t worked, speak to your trusted medispa staff and doctor. 


3. Don’t ignore your doctor’s recommendations. Rest and recuperation is an important part of your Botox journey. Avoiding strenuous activities, working out and even lying down might be part of your post-Botox recovery process. If you’re instructed by your doctor and medispa staff to avoid certain activities or movements, don’t ignore them. Trust your doctor’s recommendations and recovery process. It will help ensure your results are beautiful, harmonized and in line with what you expect.


Botox Tips; Looking to Start Your Botox Journey for a More Beautiful You?


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