We all strive to be the best version of ourselves. Sometimes that means a more beautiful appearance. An increasing number of men and women are looking for beauty enhancements that don’t require considerable surgery or downtime. You might be looking to enhance your lips, eyes and skin but don’t want to undergo surgery. Dermal fillers might be the perfect solution. This non-invasive cosmetic treatment can enhance your outer beauty in more ways than one. But what are dermal fillers? Dr. Adibfar – the medical director at one of Toronto’s best medispas – takes a closer look at this incredibly powerful treatment that is redefining people’s lives.


What are dermal fillers?

This is a common question we receive at our Yorkville, Toronto wellness and medispa. “Dermal fillers are a proprietary substance that is carefully injected under the facial skin in certain areas to deliver targeted results,” explains Dr. Adibfar – one of Toronto’s leading plastic surgeons. At Elements Wellness and Medispa we use dermal fillers that can restore volume and drastically improve hydration in the skin. Our talented team of medispa specialists use this procedure to deliver remarkable results.


Dermal Filler Benefits: Beautifully Youthful Skin

Do you have lines and wrinkles on your face? Are you tired of seeing these in the mirror? Wrinkles and lines that form around the eyes and mouth are typical signs of aging. But they don’t need to impact your confidence or beauty.


Our talented team of medispa specialists use non-invasive dermal fillers to reduce the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles. The end result is a beautifully youthful appearance with soft skin. “We typically recommend dermal fillers because of how safe and easy the procedure is,” said Dr. Adibfar. “Over the years, we have witnessed incredible transformations at our Toronto Medispa clinic.”


Dermal Filler Benefits: Luscious Lips

Who wouldn’t want Angelina Jolie’s beautiful lips? They are plump, well proportioned and remarkably sexy. Lips can be the focal point of a women’s body. If your lips lack volume, aren’t in proportion to your face or have been affected by the natural aging process, the proper amount of dermal filler administered by highly trained and professional specialists can deliver jaw-dropping results.


“Our team of medispa specialists are highly experienced and well trained. This is because we believe in delivering the best results while keeping health and safety at the forefront,” explains Dr. Adibfar – Elements Wellness and Medispa’s medical director. “I can’t stress enough how important it is to partner with a Medispa clinic that has talented professionals, a long track record of delivering results and one that is committed to doing what’s best for the patient.”


Our team will use dermal fillers to give you sensual, sexy and full lips that will give you confidence and enhance your beauty beyond your dreams.


Dermal Filler Benefits: Sexy Eyes

Your eyes are a focal point. Many would say that it can define a person’s appearance and beauty. But when they have dark circles, wrinkles or look tired, they can be something we want to change. Hectic schedules, stress and natural aging can take a big toll on your eyes. Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered; “where did my beautiful eyes go?”. You don’t need to live with that thought any more.


By appropriately administering dermal fillers, our talented medispa team can rejuvenate your eyes and bring your under eye area back to life.


Get the Results You Want

Dermal fillers can offer incredible benefits. It is also a great alternative to traditional surgery. While the results are not permanent and it cannot get rid of excess skin for good, you won’t experience any downtime and the investment required is much lower in comparison to other plastic surgery options. “Dermal fillers is a great choice for people who are searching for specific results,” said Dr. Ali Adibfar. “Many of the patients we see at Elements Wellness and Medispa are in search of a more beautiful appearance but are not ready to undergo surgery. Dermal fillers offers a perfect solution that meets their unique needs.”


During your consultation at Elements Wellness and Medispa – one of Toronto’s best spas – our talented team of specialists will determine if dermal fillers is the right procedure for you and your needs. We’ll take the time to review the entire procedure in detail so you know exactly what to expect.


Looking for a Medispa You Can Trust?

Contact our Elements Wellness and Medispa team to book a consultation at our Yorkville Toronto Medispa today. Under the watchful eye of Dr. Ali Adibfar – Elements’ Toronto Medical Director – we’ll review your beauty and wellness goals. From there we can effectively identify the best procedure to deliver incredible results.


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