For those looking for little tweaks here and there without going under the knife, injectibles are fantastic! In our modern age of social media and photography, we are certainly more aware of our facial features, proportions, and angles more than ever before! If you’re looking to improve the contour of your jaw and lower face while looking more refreshed and defined, then nonsurgical jawline contouring via dermal fillers and Botox may be the right option for you!

Many women desire a more square and defined jaw but fear that only surgery can reconstruct this major facial feature. Fortunately fillers and Botox — while not permanent — certainly do a fabulous job (when utilized by a talented and experienced injector) of adding definition, making a patient look more youthful, and addressing pesky problem areas.

Filler can be used in the cheeks and jawline to add volume while correcting lines. When filler is injected into the cheeks closer to the hairline, it inevitably provides some lifting which takes some weight off any apparent nasal labial folds. For patients concerned with lines and dimpling in their chins (especially while mid-expression) Botox can be used to relax the muscles in the chin, while filler can be used to fill in any deeper creases as well as to add projection or slightly change the shape of the chin.

Currently, women seek a more defined and square jaw similar to those of celebrities like J Lo and Angelina Jolie. At Elements Spa, board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon and injector Dr. Adibfar and his nurse practitioners have developed specialized injection techniques for minimal bruising and swelling by using a cannula. A cannula consists of a blunt (rather than sharp) end which easily glides into the skin without puncturing any tissues, veins, or nerves. The filler assimilates beautifully into the skin while lifting, adding volume, and stimulating collagen.   

Jawline contouring via filler is a fantastic treatment for patients who feel as though they don’t have a strong jaw and that their face fades into their neck due to lack of definition. With filler we can create beautiful lifting and sculpt the jawline by adding more definition while also lessening the appearance of jowls or sagging skin. Results include a more defined, square jaw, as well as a fresher and younger look.

Our goal is to improve proportions and add definition, not change the way you look. We always aim for our patients to look like better versions of themselves by bringing their facial aesthetics to the next level while still looking natural. Because this is a noninvasive nonsurgical procedure, patients are able to return to their busy schedule with some simple skincare and aftercare instructions. As always, we advise that you choose an injector that is educated in injectables. While it is still a noninvasive procedure, you can still get injured when injectables are not administered safely.

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