Botox and injectables are more often associated to female-specific anti-aging. Many women opt for botox and dermal fillers to smooth the look of wrinkles, add volume to their cheeks, get rid of dark under eye circles and other desired younger looking results. Rarely do we think about how men can benefit from botox and dermal fillers. And contrary to popular belief, men are generally more suitable candidates for these injectables than women!

Demanding lifestyles, financial responsibilities, competitive marketplaces, every day stressors, as well as environmental factors and toxins, take their toll over time. Botox and dermal fillers are becoming a favourable option and simple solution for men to gain a stronger, more masculine facial structure with little to no down time and instant, natural, long-lasting results. These injectables work to create a more prominent chin and jawline, treat frown lines and deep lines at the side of the mouth, fill in any depressed patches under the eyes and replace any lost volume in the face.

Because men’s skin is more robust, they generally heal more quickly than women, as well as make the procedure in general less discerning. Men’s facial structure also differs greatly from women, so the work needed to make a woman look and feel more attractive differs greatly to that of males. When botox and/or fillers are administered properly by an experienced physician, like Elements’ Dr. Ali Adibfar, male patients are left with more masculine, dominant-looking facial features that are subtly charming and alluring. A strong chin and smoother skin around the temples and cheeks can make a big difference without serious surgical work or drastically long healing periods.

Dr. Ali Adibfar analyzes all factors contributing to a patient’s aging facial traits to determine which route is best in regards to procedure. He will evaluate the patient’s facial appearance and possible presence of gravitational pull or volume loss. This assessment will indicate whether the patient will require injections alone, or a combination of injections with other procedures.

Women are more likely to achieve their desired results after having had a combination of treatments. This may include a face lift, laser peel, microdermabrasion, as well as botox and/or fillers. Dr. Ali Adibfar will have analyzed the patient’s contributing aging factors to determine whether fillers and botox alone will suffice. Men naturally age differently and have bigger bone structure and thicker skin, resulting in considerable volume restoration without the need for other procedures (generally speaking), making them more favourable candidates for needing fillers alone.

Dr. Ali Adibfar lends results that are distinguished and masculine, allowing for maximum impact with the appearance of subtle and virtually undetectable changes. As previously mentioned, men’s skin and facial structure differ greatly from females. That means that aside from relying on the right type of injection, patients should do diligent research in choosing a physician like Dr. Ali Adibfar who is experienced with injecting fillers in men, as well as can explain how to administer the injection to achieve the patient’s desired natural-looking results.

At Elements, Dr. Ali Adibfar acknowledges the importance of enhancing a man’s masculine features with botox and dermal fillers. His extensive experience and highly-credited passion in the field has manifested a reputation that specializes in natural-looking treatments and results. One of his treatments, the Wall Street Botox, is an example of his experience and attention to detail in distinguishing male and female facial structure and the genders’ varied needs in terms of injections. This is a perspective many other physicians can’t offer, and a big reason why Dr. Ali Adibfar is an exceptional and superior choice for patients interested in these types of procedures.

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