As we age, our bodies’ ability to heal and regenerate new cells and produce collagen naturally decelerates. This means we require more time to rebuild, restore and filter foreign pathogens derived from poor air quality, environmental allergens and pesticide-ridden foods. These factors all contribute to our bodies’ degradation, resulting in more prominent signs of aging including deep wrinkles, fine lines, slower healing times and more.

Fortunately, Autologous Cellular Regeneration Therapy (ACR) proves a solution that helps the body generate new functioning cells more rapidly, encouraging natural healing processes in a low risk, accessible, and best of all, more natural way.

What is ACR?

ACR involves using injections derived from samples of the patient’s own blood, a natural injection that therefore provides little to no risk of allergic reaction, as well as involves an efficient process taking approximately 10 minutes to prepare for injection.

This regenerative skin care therapy works by using the patient’s blood to stimulate tissue repair, strengthen the body’s ability to heal any damage, and encourage collagen production, a natural protein responsible for skin strength, elasticity and the preservation of a youthful appearance.

A popular form of ACR is Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP). This process utilizes a sample of the patient’s blood, which is rich in natural healing agents, to re-inject back into the patient’s skin to boost the skin’s cell renewal processes. Before injecting, the patient’s removed blood is purified into a highly-refined sample of plasma, a filtration process that results in an essentially pure, rich healing application comprised of the patient’s blood plasma.

What are the benefits of ACR and PRP?

There are a long list of benefits emanating from ACR and PRP therapy that not only counteract natural aging cycles, but help to reverse signs of them. PRP therapy is well noted for its prevention of hair loss and stimulation of natural hair regrowth. PRP injections are made into the patient’s scalp to improve circulation and spur healthy growth of radiant hair.

PRP injections also reduce and reform the visibility of prominent scars and stretch marks, as well as manage to brighten and increase patients’ circulation around the eyes to reduce dark circles and lines. This natural stimulation of collagen production and cell regeneration work to brighten the skin and promote a radiant complexion and improved skin volume and quality.

This low risk, efficient procedure has gained popularity not only because of its effectiveness and visible results, but also because the applications are comprised of the patient’s own bodily material, making it a more natural way to reverse damage and give the body the proper building blocks to reduce any signs of aging, and allow patients to regain more youthfully radiant skin.

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