Have any of your loved ones, friends or co-workers pointed out that you’ve been looking a little tired lately, even when you’re feeling energetic? Are your eyes looking beat or depressed even after a good night’s sleep? Do you have dark circles and deep creases under your eyes that no amount of makeup can conceal? There may be many factors—including genetics, aging, stress, nutrition, and quality of sleep—that play a role in the apparent vitality, or lack thereof, of your eyes and delicate under eye area. Fortunately, a safe and practical dermal filler known as Redensity II specifically addresses this common concern, delivering results that are immediate, long-lasting, youthful, natural looking and essentially reverse the look of tired eyes. Let’s dive into more detail!

Redensity II, also commonly referred to as Teosyal Redensity II, is an innovative dermal filler that is hyaluronic acid-based to combat dark circles, deep under eye hollows and tired looking eyes. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in our connective tissue, and is responsible for skin elasticity, suppleness and vitality. It also works by naturally attracting and retaining water, yielding results that are hydrating and more refreshed looking. Vitamins, minerals and essential proteins are also added to this superior filler, making it a potent anti-aging formula that restructures the skin’s cells with antioxidants and amino acids to improve it’s quality and provide it with the nutrition it lacks and needs. Redensity II was uniquely designed to specifically target and treat the tear trough area (or delicate skin under the eyes) to minimize fine lines, dark circles and hollow areas with results that are long-lasting and natural looking. Patients report that they immediately notice more volume, and a reversal of bags and/or previously apparent deep grooves in the eye area. The superlative restructuring complex of Redensity II encourages cell renewal and delivers supple, voluminous results, that when administered by award-winning cosmetic plastic surgeon and expert injector Dr. Adibfar, always look subtle and natural.

This painless procedure can take as little as 20 minutes, and patients report that their peers immediately comment on how refreshed and radiant they look. Depending on the patient, results typically last anywhere from 9-12 months, allowing for little upkeep. Some patients may experience slight bruising or redness which quickly subsides with the use of an icepack. Any minor swelling will also disappear within a few days, allowing for full results to appear within approximately 7-10 days. Redensity II is an exceptional filler that gives patients the subtle, yet very impactful and impressive results they long for.

If fillers aren’t administered by an expert injector, optimal results are often sabotaged. Patients may be left looking strikingly unnatural and incredibly dissatisfied. Elements’ Dr. Adibfar is an markedly experienced and highly-referred cosmetic plastic surgeon that has developed the expertise needed to inject fillers in a way that looks natural and is specifically tailored to the patient’s skin type, distinct characteristics and facial structure. The finesse and proficiency he offers as an award winning cosmetic plastic surgeon allows for expertly-crafted technique when using fillers, delivering results that are youthful and natural looking. Dr. Adibfar regards the use of injectables as a scientific, as well as artistic craft, that can greatly support positive, pleasing and subtle transformation.

If your eyes appear perpetually tired, even when you feel energetic, and you’re looking for an easy solution to erase the look of fine lines, minor bags, and dark circles while giving your cells the vitamins, minerals and essential proteins they need to maintain a radiant, hydrated and well-rested look, then Redensity II may be the dermal filler for you.

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