With all the advancements in skincare and technology, skin rejuvenation has never been easier! At Toronto’s Elements Spa, we combine the latest, safest and most modern treatments with the most extensively trained and experienced technicians, alongside board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar, to provide the best possible results for our new and returning patients. In this blog, we’ll be looking at two treatments that provide the ultimate in skin rejuvenation—both working on the surface layers, and deeper layers of the skin for the most effective results that our patients rave over. Let’s take a closer look at Fraxel and Fractora!

Fraxel is a resurfacing treatment that utilizes a fractional laser to treat skin conditions such as pigmentation, sun damage, enlarged pores, acne scarring, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, fine lines and more. This versatile laser delivers pulses of energy deep into the skin targeting pigmentation while encouraging and stimulating collagen and cell renewal. A fractional laser produces tiny holes in the skin leaving normal skin around those holes for faster recovery and less downtime. This laser can also be fine tuned depending on the patient’s skin condition varying from using lighter intensity to a more aggressive intensity for stubborn concerns like severely enlarged pores and prominent acne scars

The treatment begins with a numbing cream applied to the face to make the session more comfortable. After approximately one hour, the numbing cream is carefully removed and the laser treatment begins. The Fraxel laser handpiece is passed over the skin using gentle strokes to cover the entire area alongside some cool air. Patients do report some discomfort, however do not find it painful in any way. Many remark that the treatment makes the skin feel very warm which is a natural and common reaction. After treatment, the patient may look flushed or appear to have a slight sun burn which is also normal. Depending on the patient’s skin colour and the degree of intensity of the laser set by the technician, downtime will vary. Redness should subside after a day or two, however more aggressive treatments will require a few added days for recovery. Patients way also notice their skin feels rough or sandpaper-like which will naturally flake off over the next 4-7 days after treatment.

Once fully healed, the skin will continue to rebuild and renew collagen under the surface which will gradually improve the skin’s texture, tone and pigment. While it may take a few days to fully heal, patients rave that Fraxel gives them fantastic results, reversing pesky textural qualities that they’d never think could be reversed. Because Fraxel utilizes a fractional laser, it is best—depending on the patient’s skin—to book a series of treatments for the most effective results. Some patients may only need 2 sessions while others may require as many as 5 alongside yearly maintenance sessions.

Another phenomenal skin resurfacing procedure that we offer at Elements Spa is Fractora! This treatment uses deep microneedling radio frequency which involves delivering tiny microneedles via the end of a handpiece which distributes radio frequency to remodel the skin. These microneedles cause heat in the skin (beneath the surface layers) to encourage tightening and force the body to manufacture more collagen for skin repair.

Fractora also works great for fine lines, wrinkles, acne, uneven skin texture and skin tightening without the use of common injectibles. Similar to a fractional laser, these microneedles are separated slightly to leave room for untouched skin for faster recovery. Fractora works great in combination with Fraxel and is also customized to the patient’s degree of skin remodelling needed.

After a numbing cream is applied and later removed, the Fractora handpiece is carefully and evenly passed over the treatment area, paying special attention to main areas of concern. Patients may notice some pin point bleeding depending on the severity of the treatment, which is a common reaction. After Fractora, the patient’s skin will appear red and slightly micropunctured with possible swelling. This will subside over the next couple of days. As with any skin treatment, Fractora is well complimented with a specific skin regimen prescribed after the session for maximum results and the best healing possible. Depending on the patient’s skin type and condition, he or she may need to return for multiple sessions for more significant improvement and optimal results. When fully healed, patients notice a remarkable improvement in their skin’s texture, tone and brightness. For those with deep acne scarring, Fractora proves to be a phenomenal treatment that patients swear by!

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