In recent years, fillers have become wildly popular, especially for those reluctant to undergo any type of surgical procedure. For those seeking chin augmentation, there seems to be an ongoing debate of whether fillers are better than implants. At Toronto’s Elements Spa, we are here to tell you that fillers will never replace traditional surgical procedures. That does not mean that surgery is always the better route for most patients, it solely eludes to our mantra at Elements Spa that each individual patient needs to be assessed as a unique and singularized case, looking at their comprehensive history as well as facial structure, age and lifestyle to determine whether a chin implant or use of fillers would be the best fit for them. Let’s look at both the characteristics of chin implants and fillers.

On a more basic level, dermal fillers for chin augmentation are more likely to be used on patients who either solely prefer nonsurgical methods, or for patients who simply desire minor tweaks to their chin’s profile. These patients may also choose fillers to get an idea of what an implant may look like should they choose a more permanent solution in the future. For other patients who have very recessed chins and need more extensive projection and manipulation to add to their chin and facial profile, a strategically placed chin implant by board-certified cosmetic plastic and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Adibfar may prove to be the better, more efficient option.

Chin Fillers

There are many advantages to using fillers for chin augmentation. As mentioned, patients opting for fillers may require only minor adjustments to be made to their profile. A good natural foundation may already exist for these patients yet they would like their chins to appear more pronounced. These patients may also be interested in chin implants, however would like to get a more visual representation of what their chin may look like after surgery. Administering chin fillers is a fairly straightforward procedure, however requires the aesthetic eye and experience of a professional who innately understands how comprehensive facial features are and how they can affect and change the look of other areas of the face. Fillers allow for the precise placement of volume with the added advantage of requesting to have the fillers dissolved or removed quickly should patients prefer their natural profile.

Chin Implants

Chin implants work phenomenally to offer a more permanent solution for patients seeking more correcting to their chin and profile. These patients may feel incredibly insecure about their weak chins and desire to make a more powerful impact in their careers and daily lives with the new confidence that would come along with a more proportioned chin. With the care of an experienced board-certified surgeon like Dr. Adibfar, placing a chin implant is straightforward and lends phenomenal results after full recovery. The implant can be inserted via an incision made inside the mouth, or through a small incision made just underneath the chin (blending in seamlessly). At Elements Spa, Dr. Adibfar uses Medpor implants. These implants are made of porous polyethylene. This more stable material is porous, which allows for blood vessels to grow into the material, assimilating better to the body and reducing any risk of infection or inflammation compared to silicone implants. Silicone implants typically sit freely in a pocket created by the surgeon, making them more susceptible to movement, as well as less stable for those leading more physically active lifestyles. Medpor implants however can be easily screwed to the patient’s bone structure, allowing for more seamless integration and a stronger overall chin structure. This porous polyethylene also has a proven track record of safety and efficiency as the material has been used for decades for hip, knee and other vital joint surgeries. Dr. Adibfar uses Medpor implants because they are safer, long-lasting, and act as a virtual extension of his patients’ jaws.

If you’re contemplating chin augmentation but need help deciding whether fillers or implants are right for you, then feel free to contact our knowledgeable staff for more information. Patients who’ve opted for fillers or implants are always satisfied with their results and love their more chiseled, defined jawline and chin projection. Our desire is to give patients the best results possible while still maintaining a look that is subtle rather than ‘overdone.’

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