Botox is certainly a popular injectible among clients of all ages and genders. It works by temporarily paralyzing the underlying muscles of the injection site which inevitably allows for smoother skin that appears wrinkle-free on the surface. In the last 10 to 20 years or so, surgeons and expert injectors have found new and innovative ways to use Botox conservatively to get natural-looking anti-aging results. Let’s explore the 5 most popular areas for Botox today!

1. Frown Lines

Patients love how Botox works to reduce and remove frown lines. These deep lines are very common and created by strong muscles in the center of the forehead which become permanent without Botox. With an expert injector, patients will watch these deep lines disappear resulting in a much softer, welcoming, and brighter look.

2. Forehead Muscles

Forehead muscles are strong and can be very active depending on one’s emotions, the weather, and much more. Over time these patterns of movement create deep creases and lines that could leave one looking harsh or older than their actual age. With a skilled injector, Botox helps these patients lose these lines without looking as though their forehead is overstretched, tight, or unnatural. The results are a natural, smoother-looking forehead that allows patients to look refreshed and younger-looking.

3. Jaw Muscles

Patients find a lot of benefits from using Botox in the jaw. These patients may grind their teeth, experience severe jaw tension, and/or also find that the clenching creates a more square-looking jaw. Botox allows for the jaw to relax and therefore eases physical tension and teeth grinding.

4. The Chin

Some patients find that their chins dimple excessively. Botox allows the wrinkles and dimpling to disappear with minimal units injected for a smoother-looking chin.

5. The Eyes

Repetitive patterns of movement cause lines and wrinkles in the face including the eyes. Smiling, squinting, and other eye movements cause the crow’s feet to show on the outside sides of the eyes. A little Botox relaxes the area and smoothes the sides of the temples for brighter, refreshed, and younger-looking eyes.

If you’re looking to smooth out your skin or address any deep-set wrinkles and lines then Botox would be the right treatment for you. Always make sure to choose an accredited and experienced injector—like our skincare experts at Toronto’s Elements Spa led by board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar. Ideally you would desire results that are natural-looking and rejuvenating. Unfortunately, there are many inexperienced injectors who may not possess adequate knowledge of facial anatomy or underlying muscle structure. For your safety and to assure the best possible results, always choose an experienced professional.

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