Our skin barrier works very hard against the elements and our varying lifestyle changes to protect us—so why not do everything you can to protect and care for it? Microneedling is a great option for a lot of different skin conditions. Essentially it involves poking thousands of minuscule holes in the skin which in turn boasts a long list of unique benefits.

While many exciting at-home products have come to the market, especially in recent years, at Toronto’s Elements Spa we advise that you seek the services of an experienced skin care professional when opting for treatments including microneedling. Let’s take a closer look at the treatment and why it may be the perfect treatment for you!

Clinic vs. Home Treatments

As mentioned, it’s important that consumers and patients take extra caution when using products and devices that puncture the skin at home. Products like dermal rollers are dragged over the skin and may be used half-hazardly causing possible infection. When micro-needling at Elements Spa, our skincare professionals are trained and perform micro-needling with a gentle handpiece that stamps onto the skin using single-use sterile heads and controlled depths over different areas of the face depending on how aggressive the treatment is. More delicate areas of the face will require less penetration from the microneedles as opposed to thicker areas of skin which will require deeper depths.

What is Microneedling?

Micro-needling utilizes controlled damage to activate wound healing in the skin as well as promote collagen production. This controlled trauma to the skin in a clean and sterile environment by a professional can lead to tremendous results. The micro-needling also allows for active ingredients to better penetrate the skin and become more effective. Micro-needling can work remarkably well to complement other procedures including PRP or Hyaluronic Acid for better absorption of any topical solutions being used.

The Benefits of Microneedling

To date, there has been a tremendous amount of research done to confirm the benefits of micro-needling—when performed safely by a professional—to the skin. Micro-needling can help with fine lines, deeper wrinkles, stretch marks, melasma, scars, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and more! Remarkably, micro-needling has also been proven to be the safer option for patients with darker skin tones.

Post-treatment Care

Based on your skincare qualms and desires, your skincare professional will be able to design a custom micro-needling session that includes utilizing various depths on multiple areas as well as introducing new beneficial ingredients to the skin alongside the punctures in order to better address skin issues deep within the layers of the skin. Proper aftercare is also incredibly important to assure less chance of infection and to maintain protection of the skin barrier when it is most vulnerable post-treatment. This is another reason why we urge patients to seek a professional over at-home treatments. Gentle aftercare would include proper cleansing and an appropriate sunscreen to protect and aid the skin as it heals from the small punctures.

Recovery from Microneedling

Patients can expect recovery from microneedling to last anywhere between one day to one week depending on the aggressiveness of the treatment. Signs of recovery include pinpoints of blood immediately after treatment followed by some skin sensitivity, redness, peeling, and shedding. We advise that patients allow the skin to heal naturally while adhering to our gentle post-treatment protocol. Our patients love the full results of micro-needling, especially those with severe symptoms of melasma, deep scarring, and hyperpigmentation. Click here to learn more or to book a consultation with one of Toronto’s leading board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeons, Dr. Adibfar.