Chemical peels boast phenomenal results including smoother, clear, and more radiant-looking skin. It’s no wonder why many of our patients at Elements Spa return for chemical peels to boost their skin’s youthful glow, combat anti-aging, and prep their skin for special events. Below are some of the most common or frequently asked questions we get from new patients regarding chemical peels and their amazing benefits!

1. What do chemical peels treat?

Chemical peels treat a whole spectrum of surface skin concerns, especially those related to sun damage or overexposure. Many flaws that appear on the surface of the skin can be addressed with chemical peels as they gently allow the skin’s surface to shed revealing fresh new skin. This works well to address sun spots, dark blemishes, fine lines, and other surface issues.

As the skin begins to shed after the chemical peel, new collagen structures begin to form and fresh cells begin to populate the surface while rejuvenating the skin. Depending on your skincare issues and their severity, your skin care expert will recommend a specific number or series of sessions to address each unique patient’s skincare concerns.

2. How do I prepare my skin for a chemical peel?

Before you attend your first chemical peel it is best to get into the habit of using a strong or high-SPF sunscreen to assure your skin won’t react negatively to the acid in the chemical peel. Refrain from picking or squeezing any blemishes, and choose gentle cleansers that aren’t too irritating to the skin.

Of course, you’ll also need to pay special attention to your skincare expert’s instructions and advice. After a skin consultation, they will best be able to determine what specific skincare products will best prepare your skin for the peel as well as use after your peel.

3. What is recovery from a chemical peel like?

While a chemical peel is a quick procedure, your skin does need time to recover afterward. Post peel your skin will be very sensitive and this may include some swelling and redness. Depending on how aggressive your peel is, your skin may take anywhere from 8-13 days to fully heal. Using quality sunscreen afterward is absolutely necessary for the best possible results and to protect your skin from getting damaged and darkening. This will protect your skin from the sun as the acid can react to sun exposure post-treatment.

Over the first few days, you will notice your skin beginning to flake or scale. This is completely normal and should be welcomed. It is vitally important that patients refrain from interfering with the skin’s clearing process and allow it to shed at its own pace naturally. After a few weeks, and with careful attention to your doctor or skincare expert’s instructions, your skin will be red carpet ready and you’ll feel a confident glow from the inside out. 

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