Harsh Canadian winters leave our immune systems working overtime to fight off pathogens and disease, brave the cold climate, as well as adapt to drastic changes in temperature between the indoors and out. And while the most prevalent ailment affecting Canadians during winter is the common cold and flu, we’ve fortunately chosen to offer a natural, non-invasive treatment that’s not only ideal in taking preventative measures, but also a valuable solution for quickly expelling toxins and flu symptoms as they appear more obvious to the patient.

Elements’ alternative, holistic treatments and practices highly regard Traditional Chinese medicine as a pillar of health, wisdom and illness prevention. These ancient healing practices teach us sensible information that’s relevant and helpful to us in this ever changing, technologically-advanced world. If you’re interested in a natural, non-intrusive preventative treatment, or you’re simply sick of your lingering cold and flu symptoms and long for immediate improvement, then acupuncture is an excellent treatment to have in your wellness tool box.

What is acupuncture and how does it work?

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese therapy that’s been used successfully for thousands of years and continues to gain in popularity in western civilization, especially in recent decades. The treatment’s purpose is to bring balance and harmony to the body and its conflicting or stagnant energies. It works by freeing up blocked energy stores, and encourages a state of flow that replenishes depleted areas. This free-flowing energy creates a state of equilibrium in the body that promotes natural healing. Western cultures view acupuncture in more factual (yet equally appropriate) terms, examining how the treatment rouses the body to produce specific proteins which in turn relax any stagnant muscles and stimulate circulation.

The treatment itself involves strategic placement of incredibly thin needles on the body. Where the tiny hair-like needles are placed, as well as how far into the skin and for how long, are all crucial factors which work together to address specific health concerns and conditions, stimulating healing and strengthening the immune system. Acupuncture can also be used to treat injury, reproductive trouble, mental and emotional distress and more. Patients over the years have also reported that their acupuncture treatments alleviated their symptoms quickly and with little to no discomfort.

How does acupuncture treat the common cold and flu?

Acupuncture can provide some immediate relief from cold symptoms like fever, chills, nasal and sinus congestion, cough, stiffness, headache, and a weak pulse. It works by helping the body expel any pathogens much faster, the reason why some patients find that symptoms strengthen temporarily before they dissolve.

Dr. Adibfar and his staff insert the needles along areas of the body that stimulate the immune system and suppress pain, allowing for swift relief. Patients are advised to come in to Elements for acupuncture as soon as they start to notice any symptoms arising for optimal results. This will also make certain the symptoms don’t strengthen or spread to other organs in the body.

Typically a patient only needs one or two treatments supported by minimal doses of medically-approved herbal remedies. The earlier a patient receives treatment, the more quickly the acupuncture will work to expel the virus, making it vital patients pay critical attention to any signs or symptoms of illness.

Because acupuncture ultimately works by strengthening a patient’s immune system, the body is then able to thrive in its ideal healthy and balanced state. It’s a phenomenal preventative protocol that we here at Elements have perfected to give our patients a natural alternative that treats a variety of medical ailments.

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