Although a large majority of men and women desire fuller, more plump and balanced lips, prevailing myths keep them from achieving the results they truly desire. We’re here to debunk these commonly held beliefs while calling attention to genuine cautions that do exist in relation to the use of lip fillers. Let’s get started!

Myth #1 – Lip fillers are dangerous and unhealthy

The evolution of cosmetic injectable fillers has come a long way. Scientists and experienced physicians managed to find more efficient ways for patients to achieve their aesthetic goals naturally and with minimal side effects. Present lip injections or fillers, administered by an experienced physician like Dr. Adibfar, is a prime example of this practice.

The chief and fundamental ingredient in lip fillers is hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in our connective tissues. It’s naturally anti-aging and works to encourage cell regeneration and renewal by attracting and retaining ample water, keeping skin plump and hydrated. Over time, the hyaluronic acid found in the filler is naturally metabolized by the body, alleviating any worry of foreign or unnatural substances trapped in the body.

Myth #2 – My lips will look fake

We’ve all seen tabloids of celebrities and stars boasting abnormally large, unnatural-looking pouts. While a patient’s desired look or level of boldness varies, it’s important to note that lip fillers are meant to give results that are subtle and natural-looking! Most patients choose fillers to create more balance between their upper and lower lips by plumping whichever lip appears naturally less substantial.

When women or men have the appearance of injected lips that look obvious or overdone, it’s either because the patient desired that look, or simply because the injector was inexperienced, lacked the skill and technique, didn’t assess the patient’s natural characteristics to properly determine the amount needed, and/or didn’t use professional, clinically-approved fillers.

Patients who do their diligent research and put themselves in the care and trust of skilled, successful and certified physicians like Elements’ Dr. Adibfar, will feel safe knowing that the materials used are healthy and that the injector has successfully performed the procedure various times over. Dr. Adibfar has also perfected a personally-crafted technique that is individually-tailored to the patient and their desired results. Dr. Adibfar has the expert knowledge of having administered over 6,000 successfully injected fillers to thousands of happy, satisfied and loyal patients.

To avoid lips that look unnatural, always choose a clinician like Dr. Adibfar, who has the expertise and professional experience that will leave you with the results you desire and love.

Myth #3 – Lip fillers are permanent

We’ve already determined that lip fillers are safe and effective, and should always be administered by an experienced, trustworthy and successful physician like Elements’ Dr. Adibfar for best results. But what if you only want fuller lips for a brief period of time? The great news is that these fillers are temporary. Depending on the amount of filler used and how quickly your body absorbs the hyaluronic acid, the injection can last anywhere up to 6 months, sometimes longer.

Don’t like the look of a fuller lip? No need to fret. If a patient isn’t happy with their fuller lips and desires to return to their natural shape, Dr. Adibfar will use an enzyme called hyaluronidase to reverse the process and dissolve any trace of the filler once the lips have fully healed from any swelling after receiving the primary filler injection.

Myth #4 – I can DIY!

Although the thought of administering your own fillers from home may sound enticing, patients should be cautioned that injections are a medical procedure and should be treated and performed as such. Self-administered fillers greatly increase the chance of infection, necrosis , swelling, bruising and permanent injury and/or scarring. Although the injections appear very straightforward, the administration is still a cosmetically-trained and crafted technique that should never be replicated at home without a trusted, certified clinician like Dr. Adibfar. For the best results possible, patients should always seek the experience and advice of a trained professional.

Elements’ board-certified Dr. Adibfar administers fillers regularly with the expertise of multiple years of successful experience and incredibly satisfied patients. Dr. Adibfar is Canada’s only Plastic Surgeon and Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon performing all of Elements’ lip enhancement procedures, combining not only countless years of experience administering fillers, but also expert knowledge of facial surgery and structural balance.

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