It’s no wonder facial fillers and injectables are becoming more prevalent in today’s non-stop modern world! They offer men and women a safe, fast, and non-surgical way to decrease signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, accentuate natural curves, and increase volume or add definition to specific areas of the face with minimal downtime. And when administered by expert injector and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar, fillers are always precisely injected to optimize for outstanding results.

There are infinite possibilities for using fillers to positively reshape a patient’s face. They can be used to subtly reshape the nose and chin, as well as for transgenders looking to possess more characteristically feminine or masculine facial traits. There are various types of facial fillers, all made of different combinations of ingredients particularly crafted for specific outcomes and areas of the face. Most fillers are made of a natural substance found in our bodies called hyaluronic acid. The acid works by attracting water and encouraging cell regeneration, resulting in substantial hydration and accentuated curve to the injected area of the face.

While results may last longer than others depending on the materials used and the patient, facial fillers do not offer permanent results. Other facilities may offer various synthetic, permanent fillers, however we do not offer these options at Elements because the materials used to make these fillers can not be metabolized by the body, and therefore present too many risks.

Over the span of our lives, our bodies and faces undergo enormous change. These shifts can result from decades of yo-yo dieting, extreme weight loss or gain, lifestyle changes, stress, hormonal fluctuations, heredity, or simply the natural aging process. Subsequently, a patient may need a different combination of fillers administered in a different way to best suit whatever stage of life they’re in to allow for pleasing, natural results. Depending on the amount of filler used and how quickly a patient’s immune system dissolves the hyaluronic acid, the injection can last anywhere up to 18 months, sometimes less in the lips. For patients wishing to reverse the injection, fillers give the advantageous option to do so as well.

It is absolutely crucial that fillers be administered by an incredibly experienced injector like Elements’ Dr. Adibfar. This will not only assure patients that the materials used are safe, but also that they will be injected properly to achieve their desired results. There are numerous circulating myths insinuating that fillers are dangerous and lend artificial-looking outcomes. However, the horrific examples we see in the media are not genuine examples of injections administered properly and by qualified and experienced injectors. It is important to note that when receiving injections by an expert like Dr. Adibfar, results are subtle, attractive and natural-looking!

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