Monthly facials and specialized treatments are essentials for maintaining radiant skin and staving off aging. Although these soon to be mentioned treatments do treat a long list of conditions, women and men shouldn’t wait until they have breakouts, dry and dehydrated skin, wrinkles and/or dark spots before beginning a specialized facial or peel treatment. These treatments work on deeper layers of the skin to increase circulation, stimulate collagen production and slow down the aging process. While we don’t yet have the luxury of being able to go back in time and reverse aging completely, these 3 peels work wonders in reversing signs of aging, as well as addressing any other specific skin conditions allowing patients of most all skin types to reap the therapeutic benefits of healthy, radiant skin. Let’s look into these peels in more detail.

Silk Peel

The Silk Peel is a truly unique and revolutionary facial treatment. Not only does it provide immediate results, it takes only 30 minutes to complete one session! This makes it incredibly efficient for busy professionals and moms who have little time to spare and want to squeeze in a little pampering during their lunch hour. 

The treatment involves delivering a concoction of vital nutrients and vitamins to the skin via a hand-piece that simultaneously exfoliates the skin while allowing the formula to sink into the skin’s deeper layers. The Silk Peel is a phenomenal choice for fading wrinkles and fine lines, sun damaged skin, acne scars and more. It also stimulates collagen production and rapid growth of new cells while improving skin texture and addressing each individual patient’s skin concerns. The treatment is not painful and leaves patients with a slightly flushed appearance when complete, which typically subsides within the next 20-30 minutes, and with no downtime patients are able to reap the benefits immediately!

Glycolic Peel

A Glycolic Peel is a chemical peel made from sugar cane and the treatment involves the application of a glycolic acid solution to the skin. Elements Spa’s medically-trained skin care specialists begin the peel by thoroughly cleansing the patient’s face and applying a vaseline-like solution to the lips, nasal creases and corners of the eyes for added protection. The specialist will then gently apply an even layer of glycolic acid to the face and check in with the patient to make sure they aren’t experiencing any signs of discomfort. The solution is also carefully feathered around the eyes to soften any lines and crow’s feet. The peel is left on for approximately 3-15 minutes while the aesthetician continues to monitor the skin for any signs of ‘frosting,’ referring to a thin white layer than forms on the skin. 

Patients may experience a slight warming or tingling sensation during and after the peel, as well as slight redness and peeling for one to two days after. This is normal and to be expected as the peel works into deeper layers of the skin to reverse signs of aging by buffing off dead skin cells and bringing them to the surface. The Glycolic Peel works to eliminate fine lines and dark spots while also providing a tightening effect to the skin for a younger, brighter and fresh complexion.

Lactic Peel

A Lactic Peel is a chemical peel derived from milk that is slightly gentler than a Glycolic Peel. The molecular structure of the peel is minute, allowing the particles to efficiently penetrate into deeper layers of the patient’s skin for swift rejuvenation. The peel works great on patients experiencing dehydration, pigmentation and wrinkles, as well as for those with acne prone or oily skin. The process of application works similarly to the Glycolic Peel and patients will experience increased circulation, as well as a tingly sensation once the peel is activated on the skin. As with the Glycolic Peel, patients may experience slight redness and peeling or flaking one to two days post treatment as the peel detoxifies the skin by ridding it of buildup and stimulating the lymphatic system. 

The Lactic Peel’s gentle exfoliation fights acne and blackheads while also stimulating collagen production (an essential process for maintaining youthful and hydrated skin) and gently resurfacing and regenerating the skin, encouraging quicker cell turnover for a more refreshed complexion that requires minimal recovery.

Things To Keep In Mind

No matter which peel is chosen, patients will achieve optimal results from repeated and evenly spaced sessions that will provide compounding anti-aging benefits. With the chemical peels, patients should avoid direct sun exposure 6 weeks prior, as well as 6 weeks post treatment as skin sensitivity is heightened and extensive sun exposure can cause pigmentation. As with all peels, your skin care specialist will make sure to apply sunscreen after treatment which patients are encouraged to apply daily. Patients receiving a chemical peel are able to apply mineral-based makeup products as others tend to clog pores and will interfere with the skin’s exfoliation process after treatment. 

Patients looking for an efficient, effective, noninvasive peel to rejuvenate and safely reverse aging while fading lines and wrinkles, clearing acne scars and leaving your skin looking glowing and hydrated will be happy to know that Elements Spa offers these peels and many others that are further specifically customized to each patient’s skin for optimal results. At home acid or chemical peels should always be avoided and applied by a professional to avoid any chance of infection and hyper-pigmentation which can subside for weeks after treatment if applied inappropriately. 

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