If you’re looking for the best possible way to treat your problematic skin and reverse aging, then look no further! We’re presenting all the facts to help you choose which medical facial peel is best suited to your skin’s needs and desired results.

These peels work by applying a chemical solution to the skin that allows the dead skin cells and debris to peel off, revealing rejuvenated, smoother, and brighter skin. Depending on the peel, patients should expect that their skin will need some time to heal, and that skin may appear red and experience peeling. This is completely normal and necessary in order to shed old layers of dead skin to reveal more beautiful, refreshed and youthful-looking skin.

Those interested in chemical facial peels should always seek the advice of an experienced professional like Elements’ Dr. Ali Adibfar, who can further consult patients on the benefits of these peels.

Lactic Peels

Lactic peels are a great option for patients of all skin types, and especially those with extremely sensitive skin who want to start with a peel that’s reasonably mild and less abrasive. The peel is made of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) that are derived from milk, resulting in a treatment that’s less likely to cause irritation or allergic reaction. The lactic acid is used to treat and remove dead surface layers of the skin in a way that leaves patients looking and feeling re-hydrated and younger. Patients with fine lines and age spots also report significant results and are shown to be ideal candidates for lactic peels.

Glycolic Peels

The Glycolic Peel is also classified as a gentle or milder chemical facial peel, and uses AHAs to treat dryness, uneven complexion and skin discolouration. Patients with sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles report that this gentle chemical peel faded their age spots, brightened their complexion and smoothed any rough patches. The AHAs exfoliate the skin by penetrating the outer and middle layers of damaged skin to reveal new skin cells while promoting the body’s natural production of collagen, a vital protein in maintaining a youthful appearance. Patients who’ve received a glycolic peel also report exceptional improvement in the way their skincare products are absorbed.

Salicylic Peels

With an extensive history of providing pain relief, doctors more recently found that salicyclic acid, made of beta hydroxy acid (BHAs), used in skincare works remarkably well to reduce acne scars, balance the skin’s oil production, remove black and whiteheads and more! The peel is made of fat soluble compounds that work deep in the patient’s pores to remove debris and neutralize bacteria, making this treatment a phenomenal choice for individuals suffering with acne. Patients report improved skin texture, reduced pores, as well as cleared breakouts. This treatment also works well to reduce acne scars and purge pores of any deep-rooted impurities.

Jessner Peels

Comparatively speaking, the Jessner Peel is known as one of the more aggressive facial treatments. It is comprised of three main ingredients (lactic acid, salicylic acid and resorcinol) and used to exfoliate and separate dead skin cells, reduce acne scarring, minimize pore size, help correct melasma, and restore the skin to its youthful and healthy state.

The treatment may leave patients with skin that feels tight, appears red and sheds for a few days. This means that the peel is working diligently to thoroughly clean the surface and deeper layers of the skin for the best possible results. After the skin is completely healed from the peel, patients rave of the improvements in the appearance of their skin’s complexion, making it a popular treatment for individuals with a variety of problematic skin concerns.

If you’re looking for an incredibly effective way to improve the look and quality of your skin, while reversing skin damage, clearing acne and scarring, and promoting a more youthful, younger-looking glow, then professionally administered chemical facial peels are a phenomenal option.

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