As we age, we naturally start to lose volume in areas of our face that make us appear young, fresh and vibrant. Our cheeks may have begun to look flat and hallow, we may have developed jowls resulting in a less defined jawline, or maybe the skin under our eyes has left us looking tired, even though we’re feeling energetic. Fortunately, there’s a safe, effective and non-invasive solution that lends fast and long-lasting results without the need for surgery!

Dermal fillers are injectable made from naturally occurring sugars that are used to restore volume in areas of the face that help us maintain a youthful appearance. Although there are different types of dermal fillers, best suited for different areas of the face, all variations of these injections work by attracting water to subtly plump areas of the face that need attention. A patient’s facial volume loss may have resulted naturally through aging, drastic weight loss or yo-yo dieting, excessive aerobic exercise, or simply genetic facial structure. It’s critical patients interested in the benefits of using dermal fillers seek the advice and administration of an incredibly experienced practitioner.

Elements’ Dr. Ali Adibfar considers these restoring injections as more of an art form than a quick ‘one-shot-fits-all’ remedy. When injecting dermal fillers, he comprehensively examines the patient’s facial structure and symmetry both before and after injecting. If a patient needs restored volume in the mid-cheek, Dr. Ali Adibfar will assess the surrounding facial areas to determine if it appears naturally balanced as a whole. There is a possibility that the patient will need attention in other related areas that could be offset by the achieved restored volume.

Other areas of the face that may appear depleted are the cheekbones (carrying the face’s structure and definition), the temples (which may appear more hallow over time), a patient’s tear troughs or under eye area, corners of the mouth, jowls, as well as deep lines around the nose. Dr. Ali Adibfar makes certain all areas work together and transition smoothly to create a look that is restored, rejuvenated and evenly balanced without appearing overdone. The goal is to replace the volume that’s been lost through aging, lifestyle and natural facial structure, and not to overcompensate.

Ideal candidates for dermal fillers are individuals that notice facial shadows and skin depressions, or exhibit a permanently fatigued look that appears drawn or gaunt. Patients who desire restored lip definition, a more defined jawline, and/or more plump or lifted cheeks should also consider the immediate benefits achieved from using dermal fillers. Through proper analysis of facial proportion and examination of the face from different angles, Dr. Ali Adibfar uses these dermal fillers to naturally accentuate specific areas of the patient’s face, allowing for subtle, natural changes that are noticeably younger-looking, without the impression of having had a surgical procedure.

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