Did you know that your blood can be safely used to revitalize the look of your overall appearance? Sounds crazy, right? At Elements Spa, our team — led by board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar — has tailored and perfected facial rejuvenation techniques using each patient’s blood for skin that looks brighter, younger, and refreshed. Let’s take a closer look at how Elements Spa achieves facial rejuvenation with PRP!

PRP refers to Platelet Rich Plasma, and this plasma has the remarkable ability to be used to heal the skin and revitalize it in ways we never thought it could only mere decades ago. Originally PRP was used in regenerative medicine to combat inflammation in the body until doctors discovered its unique rejuvenating properties in the cosmetic realm. Now, patients from all over the world rave over PRP and how they can naturally and safely achieve younger-looking skin by utilizing their own blood.

The plasma is obtained from the patient’s blood. A small amount of blood is drawn from the patient’s arm and placed in tubes that are then carefully inserted into a centrifuge system. This essentially spins the blood at a rapid pace to allow the blood to separate into its different components including red blood cells and plasma. This plasma has remarkable healing properties due to its stem cells, various growth factors, and more. Once the plasma is separated and identified, it can then be reinjected into the patient’s desired areas.

The plasma can be injected into multiple facial areas to encourage rejuvenation. The injected plasma stimulates the patient’s natural collagen growth response, positively affecting the patient’s overall skin health. With the stimulation of collagen comes smoother and more hydrated and radiant skin alongside a younger-looking complexion. Because the procedure requires the patient’s blood, there is virtually no risk of allergic reaction to the plasma. After receiving injections, patients may report slight swelling and bruising, however, they do dissipate typically within a few days.

Other benefits patients will receive from PRP facial rejuvenation include lessened fine lines, wrinkles, under-eye circles, acne scars, and more. PRP’s unique ability to improve blood flow, skin quality, and overall texture has allowed the treatment to become more popular with every year that passes. PRP facial rejuvenation boasts a wide range of skin benefits and can be used phenomenally to improve the skin in conjunction with other skincare treatments including micro-needling, hyaluronic acid fillers, laser resurfacing, and more!

Injectable treatments — including PRP — should always be administered by an extremely experienced professional. Your injector should possess incredible attention to detail and keen artistry and an eye for facial balance and proportions. These qualities should be highly regarded for an injectible cosmetic procedure as your results and facial appearance will depend on it.

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