When we think of fillers we automatically assume that they’re solely for women. In recent years many men have discovered the benefits of using fillers to rejuvenate and refresh their appearance while maintaining a rugged, strong, and distinctly masculine profile. Over decades a man’s skin suffers a lot of wear and tear which can lead to deep creases and lines that appear prematurely. Other men may also be concerned with the proportions of their faces as more structure and definition would allow for them to appear more masculine and prominent. As mentioned, more men are recognizing that filler can be used conservatively to enhance their masculine features while maintaining an attractive natural-looking profile.

As men age, they tend to get wrinkles along the forehead, jowls, chin, corners of the eyes, and cheeks. Sometimes these deep wrinkles can relay a look of frustration, anger, or lethargy even when an individual is feeling great! By living a healthy lifestyle that includes a well-balanced diet and regular physical exercise, men will certainly find great benefit in the look and feel of their overall appearance. However, certain genetic factors that predetermine how a man ages can not be helped by lifestyle changes alone.

Fillers are an attractive option for men because they are temporary and they not only refresh their appearance, these men feel that a more youthful appearance allows them to possess more power and confidence in their careers and social life. While hyaluronic acid fillers certainly address deep creases and lines, board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar uses filler on his male patients to add more symmetry and definition and to enhance their masculine features. Common areas of the face that the filler is administered are in the chin to make it more prominent, along the jaw to make it more structured and defined, as well as along the cheekbones. This gives the appearance of a more masculine and gallant profile as opposed to meek and subdued. 

Dr. Adibfar typically injects these fillers via a cannula for less bruising and swelling. Different fillers are also used for different areas of the face for more natural-looking results and seamless assimilation to the patient’s existing tissues. After receiving the fillers, patients can continue in their everyday activities with no downtime. Over several weeks the filler settles into the skin working hard to hydrate the injected areas to lessen the sight of deep lines and add definition to other areas along the chin and jaw.

While administering fillers is certainly a straightforward procedure, your results will greatly depend on your injector. The difference between a female and male’s facial proportions are vastly different and require an astute and meticulous eye that not all surgeons or injectors possess. Always do your research and choose an injector that is qualified, successful, and has ample experience.

The stigma of injectibles is certainly fading, and more men are slowly beginning to reap the amazing benefits that dermal fillers have to offer. If you’re a man who’s interested in refreshing your look while naturally enhancing your masculine features then feel free to get in touch with our helpful staff to ask any questions or to book a consultation.

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