Many of us are doing all the right things to keep ourselves looking and feeling our best. We try to get adequate sleep, eat a healthy balanced diet, and do everything possible to take care of our skin. Sometimes, however, there is nothing we can do to help certain areas of the body that show signs of aging. In this blog, we’ll be talking about the hands and how our expert injectors alongside board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar deliver more youthful-looking hands to clients so they can look as great as they feel!

What happens to our skin as we age?

Aging hands can sometimes give away our age or allow us to look older than our actual age. As we age our skin gets thinner and we lose some fat in various areas of the body that typically show signs of aging. These areas include the face, decolletage, neck, and hands. Over the years, we start to see a loss of volume in these areas as well as lost elasticity. 

Using Dermal Fillers On Your Hands

With the help of dermal fillers, our team can deliver results that allow our clients’ hands to look more youthful and rejuvenated. The procedure starts by applying a numbing cream to the tops of the hands to make the injections more comfortable. Once the hands are cleaned, your injector may mark any small veins on the tops of your hands to make sure not to insert filler into them. Depending on the client, your injector will determine how many syringes will be needed to add volume to your hands.

The filler is typically delivered through a cannula inserted into an entry point on the hand allowing the product to be fanned out across the top of the entire hand. This single entry point allows for less chance of bruising or swelling. Once the filler is evenly distributed, your injector will gently massage the filler across the top of your hands to allow for seamless volume across the surface. 

How Hand Rejuvenation Improves Your Hands

The change from this simple treatment is significant and can last anywhere from 12 to 18 months depending on the patient. The results include more youthful hands, smoother skin, less obvious veins, and increased collagen production in the area. We also notice improved skin quality, elasticity, and texture overall alongside softened creases and less apparent ligaments. 

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Our clients are often motivated to improve the youthfulness of their hands so that they match their youthful-looking face and other areas of the body for a seamless, revitalized look. Hand rejuvenation can also be combined with other treatments to improve sun spots and make veins and tendons appear less apparent. Click here to learn more or to book a consultation with one of Toronto’s leading board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeons, Dr. Adibfar.