One of the most common skin treatments we perform on our patients at Toronto’s Elements Spa is skin rejuvenation via IPL or Intense Pulsed Light rejuvenation. This amazing photo rejuvenation technology allows us to deliver results to the skin that our patients love. Photo rejuvenation refers to a skin treatment that treats skin pigmentation due to sun damage and other factors. IPL works to diminish and remove sun spots and pigmentation that can appear like brown spots, red spots, and more. Let’s take a closer look at IPL and how our patients benefit from this safe and efficient technology. 

What is IPL?

As mentioned, the broad spectrum light from IPL functions to target colour  in the skin. If you have colour variance in your skin including sun spots or brown spots then IPL may be an ideal skin treatment for you. IPL is not a laser, essentially it is focused areas of light that are delivered to the skin and filtered to treat pigmentation. Different spectrums of light can also be utilized for different skin conditions. 

The treatment begins by applying a topical numbing cream to the area of the skin to be treated. Your technician will then work with multiple settings to determine which setting offers your skin the best benefits and response. The IPL will then pull the melanin or irregular colour out of your skin. Immediately after treatment, your spots will appear darker, then slowly the pigmentation will break up into smaller pigments and eventually fall off or disappear. 

Some patients may find that after the first 24-48 hours their skin seems sensitive. Essentially you’ll need to let the skin begin to shed without interference from complicated skin routines or picking of the skin. Patients will need to stay out of direct sunlight and keep their skin hydrated with a gentle cleanser and moisturizer as well as a good sunscreen with SPF. 

The Benefits

While IPL works remarkably well for skin pigmentation and colour correction, our patients love the other benefits it delivers including improvement in pore size, collagen stimulation, and smoother clearer-looking skin. IPL’s improvement in skin texture and reducing pore size naturally allows for skin that is younger-looking and more radiant. Most patients will require a minimum of 4 sessions in order to go deeper into the skin and pull out more pigmentation. 

At Toronto’s Elements Spa, our technicians (led by board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar) utilize the latest and most advanced IPL technology in order to deliver a treatment that is incredibly comfortable. IPL can also be used anywhere on the body and it is very common for our patients to combine adjacent areas of skin in a single treatment for a more cohesive look and healing to the skin. Some of these areas of the body include the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands for a beautiful and clearer complexion.

If you’re considering IPL and would like to learn more about how Elements Spa can help you achieve clearer, smoother-looking skin then feel free to reach out to our helpful staff with your questions. 

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