Many men have unwanted body hair. And with summer just around the corner, more and more men are turning to laser hair removal to address undesirable hair on noticeable areas like the back, chest and shoulders, which are more likely to be exposed during warmer seasons. Men also seek laser hair removal as a solution to stubborn areas of the face and body that produce a lot of ingrown hairs and bumps. In the past we haven’t had great treatments for hair removal, at least not ones that were done relatively painlessly and as quickly as we have today. With new laser technology it’s a lot easier to treat larger areas efficiently and effectively while delivering long-lasting results for both women and men who now require less maintenance.

Some popular areas men receive laser hair removal treatments are the underarms, back, shoulders, chest and neckline. The laser’s job is to go into the skin and cinch the hair at its root. The most efficient way of doing so is making sure patients come into sessions with the treatment area freshly shaven the night prior. This way, the laser won’t be distracted by the length of the hair, and focus its strength on the hair’s root and bulb. Though we can not see the laser penetrating past the top layer of skin, it does so to inhibit future regrowth and deactivate the hair follicle, resulting in permanent hair reduction. More specifically, the laser emits a light onto the skin which is absorbed by the hairs’ dark pigment or melanin (responsible for giving your hair and skin its colour). The heat then damages the follicle and with enough treatments, the follicle begins to weaken, eventually developing an inability to support itself.

Men generally have thicker darker hair with growth driven by a hormone called testosterone. Hormonally driven hair regrowth typically requires more sessions to achieve permanent results. There are many factors that help determine how many sessions are needed for a male patient’s specifically treated area. These factors include genetics, ethnicity, skin type, hair thickness and others. After a patient’s first session, the hair will slowly start to regrow, allowing for our experienced laser technicians to better assess the number of treatments needed for that specific patient. Generally speaking, men sometimes need anywhere from 6-8 treatments, with possible annual touch ups to keep hair follicles from forming.

Before going in for treatment, patients are advised to avoid sun exposure at least one week leading up to their session, as well to avoid tanning creams. The laser is attracted to the melanin and pigments in the hair so having darker skin will inevitably make the laser less effective as it’s more easily distracted by the skin’s pigment and loses focus on the hair follicle.

Elements Spa’s experienced laser technicians use superior quality lasers such as Light Sheer and the latest technology to provide optimal results. The laser delivers a painless pulse using a large tip attached to a hand-piece that also provides a cooling effect. This makes it much easier and faster to address larger areas of a male’s body more comfortably, and in a very short amount of time. Wide areas including the chest, stomach and back are easily and safely treated showing significant improvement immediately.

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