Are you looking for a facial that will leave your skin looking brighter, tighter, hydrated and more youthful while addressing any nagging signs of aging? In the midst of our incredibly hectic lifestyles, it’s important that we make time to care for ourselves and our skin. Elements Spa’s Multi-Platinum Supreme Facial is the most luxurious, superior, signature spa treatment that not only leaves skin looking fresher and younger, but also brings aging to a standstill with proven methods using ingredients specifically tailored to each patient’s skin concerns and conditions to allow for optimal, beneficial results.

Your Skin Care Professional

Before diving into the specifics, it’s important to note that the quality and perceived benefits of any facial depend greatly on the expertise of your skin care professional. Our skin care specialists at Elements Spa specialize in reading the skin, and through extensive experience have acquired a deep understanding and skill set that can only be mastered after performing thousands of facials on patients of various skin types and ethnicities. This experience allows them to best determine which techniques and products—alongside the latest modern technology—would provide the most benefit using customized treatments to ensure optimal anti-aging and corrective care.

What makes the Multi-Platinum Supreme Facial a premium facial? This luxurious facial combines the best of all facial treatments Elements has to offer in a way that is customized to each patient’s areas of concern. During the initial consultation, your skin care professional will thoroughly assess your skin type while surveying problematic and/or sun damaged areas, as well as offer various recommendations to determine which avenue is best.

What is the Multi-Platinum Supreme Facial?

Once the patient’s skin type and the treatment’s details are discussed in the initial consultation, the specialist will go ahead and prepare the patient for the Multi-Platinum Supreme Facial.

The facial begins with a SilkPeel Microdermabrasion alongside a Dermal-infusion. This noninvasive, nonabrasive microdermabrasion system delivers a customized topical formula while exfoliating the skin, resulting in a highly effective regimen for a broad range of skin conditions. The SilkPeel and Dermal-infusion can effectively address hyper pigmentation, enlarged pores, dehydration, acne, sun damage, dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles. This phase of the revolutionary facial treatment also optimizes the skin’s absorption by allowing for deeper layers of the skin to be infused with individually-tailored, soothing formulas while exfoliating dead skin cells from the surface layers. Elements Spa’s SilkPeel Microdermabrasion and Dermal-infusion gently leave skin glowing and feeling soft and smooth.

The second phase of the Multi-Platinum Supreme Facial involves IPL Skin Rejuvenation. IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light and it corrects and reduces facial imperfections including sun-damaged skin, acne scars, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, while encouraging the body’s own natural collagen production mechanisms responsible for healthy looking skin and elasticity. The light delivered through the hand-piece causes the skin to shed its sun-damaged skin cells while reducing the appearance of any broken capillaries and/or blood vessels. Typically your qualified skin care specialist will apply a layer of numbing cream over the treated area to make the facial treatment more comfortable.

Lastly, patients will experience the nourishment and hydration of a Redensity I treatment. This revolutionary treatment involves using therapeutic ingredients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids that are injected to replenish the skin with the essential nutrients it lacks. This hydrating cocktail smooths any lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth, as well as corrects hallow or depleted areas under and around the eyes. This restorative last phase of the Multi-Platinum Supreme Facial results in a youthful glow that allows the skin to appear more plump, hydrated, youthful and alive.

Whether it be an upcoming vacation, a special occasion, or you simply feel it’s time you start taking care of your skin, this beautiful treatment is an exceptional choice for patients looking to rejuvenate, revitalize, re-balance and nourish their skin with the best of all our patients’ favourite facials here at Elements Spa.

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