Eyebrows are an incredibly important facial feature often overlooked by many women. They create expression, draw attention to the eyes, can make someone look younger and more polished, as well can make makeup application a lot easier. Keeping the eyebrows groomed and shaped does take maintenance, however, recent aesthetic techniques and innovations have allowed for more efficient maintenance while lending an eyebrow shape that is natural-looking and best frames, defines and compliments each client’s face. This innovation is called microblading. 

In recent decades, many women found benefit in getting their eyebrows tattooed. This left little to no maintenance while lending their preferred eyebrow shape. However, as we know already, tattoos are permanent, and while eyebrow trends do change over time along with our own facial features during the natural aging process, a permanent eyebrow tattoo would never be able to accommodate those changes and developments. Permanent eyebrow tattoos also have the tendency to look unnatural and block-like depending on the tattoo technique used. Fortunately, microblading offers a natural-looking, safe, painless and semi-permanent solution that has garnered the attention of beauty enthusiasts and women from all of the world in recent years. Let’s get into more detail about microblading.

What is Microblading?

Generally speaking, microblading is performed via very fine needles that are dipped into pigment and scored across the eyebrow to mimic real hair. The microscopic pins do not penetrate through all layers of the skin the way a traditional tattoo would, making it a semi-permanent treatment that goes just below the epidermis and that will need touch ups over time.

The Procedure

One of Elements Spa’s professional aestheticians will begin by applying a thick anesthetic or numbing cream over the eyebrows and area to make the treatment more comfortable. After waiting 15-20 minutes, the cream is carefully wiped away and the aesthetician begins by using specialized measuring tools to map out markings on the eyebrows for where they should start and end, as well as specify the length and height of the arch and eyebrow thickness to assure symmetry. When complete, the client will be able to see an outline of what the eyebrows will look like after microblading. This is also a great opportunity for the client to assess the shape and request changes to any details. When the client is completely satisfied with the shape, the aesthetician can officially begin the microblading process.

Microblading is administered using a small, non-mechanical, metal, pen-like instrument that has a disposable attachment secured to the end. The attachment includes a series of various pins or fine needles that are spaced to form one fine blade that will gently score the skin. Following the previous markings, Elements Spa’s aesthetician will then tip the pins in the client’s chosen pigment that will best blend with their natural eyebrow colour. The instrument is then carefully stroked over the previous markings using the pigment to mimic real hair. Throughout the process, the aesthetician will check in with the client to make certain they are comfortable. 

As previously mentioned, the scoring pins do not penetrate through all layers of the skin—they simply score the skin with pigment resulting in a natural, semi-permanent solution. Once the scoring is complete, the aesthetician will gently rub the pigment all over the eyebrows to assure they penetrate into any remaining lines or scores made. The pigment is then completely wiped off and the treatment is complete.

The area may appear slightly red after treatment, which is normal and natural. Once the eyebrows and forehead are cleaned, the aesthetician will apply a vaseline-like balm or ointment to prevent the area from being exposed to any germs or pathogens. Specific instructions to be followed for the next week will also be given to the client and should be adhered to diligently. After 4-6 weeks, the client will then come in for a followup to assess the brows and fill in any areas that faded or didn’t adhere to the pigment. Clients are then left with natural-looking brows that make morning makeup routines a breeze and that beautifully-shape their face. 

Seeking a Professional

Although microblading is not permanent, it is advised that clients seek this treatment from an experienced professional who has performed microblading successfully many times and on varying skin types and face shapes. A high arch can lengthen a round face while a bolder brow can help balance out strong features and frame your face differently than another eyebrow shape might, so it’s very important that there is strong open communication between the client and aesthetician. 

Elements Spa’s medically-trained and experienced staff and aestheticians make certain to check in with their clients throughout the treatment to assure that their eyebrows are microbladed to their satisfaction and desired shape. They will also communicate detailed aftercare instructions to make certain the treatment is well maintained. This semi-permanent treatment can last anywhere between 1-3 years depending on the client’s skin type and upkeep. 

Although at first glance the procedure may sound daunting, clients report that they feel little to no discomfort during treatment, as well wish they would have sought out microblading sooner as it has shaved time off their morning makeup routines and allowed them to look more polished without makeup! Microblading can also be an incredibly beneficial treatment for patients suffering from alopecia or cancer and chemotherapy. 

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