Not all of us were born with the best genes we could ask for, but that doesn’t mean our pesky insecurities need be accepted as our new normal! Hair loss is a very sad and disheartening inconvenience that can happen to someone of any age, gender or ethnicity. And while it does sound daunting, patients will feel relieved to know that here at Toronto’s Elements Spa, we have a variety of treatments to address and help the body grow healthier, stronger hair while preventing future hair loss. 

While hair loss can occur for various reasons (including genetic) it’s important that every patient make a sincere effort to check their vitamin and mineral levels, as well as address their stress levels and quality of sleep. Although not all, many can experience subtle hair loss as a result of poor lifestyle choices and/or depleted nutrient absorption. Others enduring stressful circumstances and lack of sleep may also notice more hair loss. Addressing these underlying health issues in conjunction with exploring our hair loss prevention treatments can prove incredibly beneficial for not only your overall health, but also in hair regrowth. Let’s take a closer look at Elements Spa’s hair loss prevention treatments. 

PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatments have become very popular as of late with celebrities endorsing blood or plasma-rich facials for more youthful looking skin. For those who may not know, PRP was once more widely used for treating muscle and tendon injuries from sports. In recent years, it’s therapeutic properties have been adopted and successfully used in rejuvenation, skin care and anti-aging with great success. 

The reason why PRP has such strong healing properties is because it stimulates the body’s natural ability to regenerate and heal itself. PRP utilizes a patient’s own concentrated blood growth factors (greatly decreasing a patient’s reaction to treatment) to treat a specific area and encourage revitalization. In terms of hair regrowth, a patient’s concentrated plasma is delivered or injected into more sparse areas of the scalp. The platelet rich plasma then works with the scalp to stop hair loss, encourage strong, vital regrowth and repair any broken hair follicles. Over time and with consistent treatments this allows the body to build more momentum and continue to regrow healthy hair in areas that once seemed thin and deficient. 

Element’s Spa also offers Revitacare treatments to maintain a healthy scalp. Revitacare is an individually tailored concoction of concentrated vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acids that are micro-needled into the patient’s scalp to prompt new hair to grow after the follicle receives its needed nutrients. Similarly to dermal fillers, the hyaluronic acid works with the other nutrient-dense ingredients to revitalize and boost the scalp’s ability to stop any hair fallout and regenerate new healthy hair. Revitacare also works great in combination with PRP scalp treatments.

For those daunted by the sight of hair loss and looking for a solution that doesn’t involve any surgical intervention, then these treatments along with leading a healthy overall lifestyle, can greatly benefit the body’s own natural ability to repair the scalp and regrow new hair while putting an end to hair loss. As with all treatments, depending on the patient, Dr. Adibfar and his medically-trained staff typically advise undergoing a series of treatments to build the body’s own ability to repair the scalp and hair follicles. Patients should also note that there will be no physical signs of having had any treatments, having everything to gain from giving their scalp the healthy nutrients it needs to stay healthy, youthful and grow strong revitalized hair.

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