Our lips are a major focal point and need to be cared for in order to look youthful and prevent premature signs of aging. Lip enhancement procedures have become incredibly popular for patients seeking slightly fuller and more shapely lips that enhance the natural shape they already have. More mature patients also seek lip enhancement procedures to reverse signs of aging. Either way, board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon and expert injector Dr. Adibfar and his medically-trained staff, have a plethora of treatments and options for patients to pamper their lips and give them the attention they need and deserve! Let’s take a closer look.

Before discussing treatments we have to mention the most important factor in your lip treatment results, and that is your injector! The skill and experience of your injector determines your results, and that’s because the lip area is a challenging area that relies on experience, knowledge of the anatomy of the lips, and a keen aesthetic eye. It’s incredibly easy for an injector to overfill or lend results that are not symmetrical or in facial harmony with the rest of the face, and for those reasons patients should pay sufficient attention to whoever they choose as their qualified injector. Dr. Adibfar performs all the injections to assure his patients achieve well balanced and natural looking results. Now let’s look at the various ways we can take care of our lips!

As with most areas, prevention proves the most effective against aging. As we age, we naturally lose volume, collagen and elastin in our lips and in the surrounding skin. This can lead to asymmetry, lack of fullness and the development of lines around the mouth. Prevention begins by seeking out proactive anti-aging treatments as well as home regimens to maintain the lips’ more youthful appearance. 

As most know already, wearing sunscreen plays a vital role in anti-aging, affecting the body’s ability to maintain the area’s elastin and collagen. Patients should also supplement this with a healthy diet containing nourishing foods that contain vitamin C. Patients should also consider regular massages and lip treatments. These lip treatments should include deep yet gentle exfoliation, massage and replenishment to stimulate blood circulation to the lips and lock in moisture. 

Another great way to enhance and maintain the vitality of your lips and surrounding area, is via hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance manufactured by our bodies and found in our very own connective tissues. It has the miraculous ability to hold many times its weight in water, making it a great injectible to promote hydration as well as the body’s natural ability to create new collagen cells. Many patients receive lips fillers simply for the look of fuller, more voluptuous lips without ever knowing the positive effect it has on keeping the area hydrated and boosting the lip and surrounding skin’s collagen and elastin complex. 

More mature patients also receive fillers, not solely to address lack of volume, but also to address the appearance of lip lines and wrinkles around their mouth. While fillers do a phenomenal job of turning the clock and allowing patients to look younger, more youthful and full of vitality, younger patients are becoming more and more aware and active in preventing these signs of aging by seeking more ways to prolong their youth and inevitably age more gracefully.

If you’ve been neglecting your lips and feeling like they need a little extra TLC, feel free to contact our office at Toronto’s Elements Spa to learn more about our lip exfoliation and massage treatments, as well as our treatments using hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. For those eager to try fillers, yet hesitant in fear of looking unnatural, they should rest assured knowing that dermal fillers are completely reversible and dissolvable should they dislike the look of fuller lips and prefer their more natural shape. 

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