Whether recently having undergone plastic surgery, skin tightening, filler injections or any other of our recommended MediSpa services, it is vitally important clients make an effort to establish a stable and supportive emotional and mental state in order for the body to heal and bounce back beautifully.

Reiki, a Japanese word that means universal life force energy, is an ancient hands-on healing technique using holistic energy therapy which works by balancing, harmonizing and healing all aspects of a person, as well as enhancing the body’s ability to heal itself naturally. While Reiki works on all physical aspects of the body, it also helps to raise consciousness by helping connect on a spiritual level. The technique works by healing imbalances that occur within the body and helping heal any ailments that are present, as well as clearing any energy blocks.

This non-intrusive, holistic therapy is performed by a certified Reiki Master therapist who treats the whole person including the physical body, the emotions, the mind and spirit, bringing all levels of the body into balance. By releasing stagnant or blocked energy, clients are able to connect within and tap into their body’s own ability to heal itself.

How can Reiki support our other services?

1. Remove anxiety
If you’re planning an appointment for one of our MediSpa services for the first time and feeling anxious, our certified professionals will help alleviate any frantic energy trapped in your body so you feel comfortable with your scheduled service, and optimistic of its results. You can feel confident that our extensive experience and endless list of happy returning clients are all testament to our quality, results-driven services.

2. Calm atmosphere
Harmless jitters are natural, even for returning clients. However, clients who receive optimal results are those who are confident and remain present and in the moment. By freeing stagnant energy blocks and replacing them with more positive frequencies, our therapists guarantee you’re left feeling more stable, tranquil and at your best.

3. Heal more effectively
Removing energy blocks allows your body to naturally heal and respond most favourably to procedures, no matter how simple or complicated they may be. Clients that have experienced Reiki finish their sessions feeling clearer, and more at ease. With the combination of our experienced highly-accredited staff and practitioners, as well as a client’s healthy, supportive and functional body, rest assured healing experiences will be swift and deliver remarkable results.

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