In the last decade, the normalization of nonsurgical cosmetic treatments, including injectibles like dermal fillers, has taken the cosmetic plastic surgery industry by storm. When administered by an experienced injector, it lends phenomenal results. Fillers’ ability to invoke subtle and soft changes that are safe and temporary makes them evermore appealing. If you’re looking to enhance your appearance with nonsurgical facial rejuvenation techniques then the use of dermal fillers may be the right treatment for you. So far in 2020, we’ve seen an increased interest in the use of fillers for enhancing the jawline and chin. Let’s take a closer look at these complimentary treatments!

Dermal fillers are used to bring volume to the face and hydrate the skin. They can also help with subtle wrinkles and creases. Different fillers come in different densities and velocities to suit distinct areas of the face. Some are thicker to fill more robust areas, while others are finer and thinner for more delicate areas like the eyes. Men and women both seek augmentation to their jaws and chins.

Male patients seek strong and masculine jawlines and prominent chins. The sculpted and chiseled jawlines of handsome celebrities like Brad Pitt and successful businessmen make the use of filler for male patients even more popular. As men get older they start to lose the defined structure of their jaws. Many men may also desire chin augmentation via fillers due to their more recessed chins, making them come across as inferior to their peers. For patients with severely recessed chins, the more efficient option would be a chin implant. However, for patients who simply seek more subtle projection, dermal fillers work perfectly.

Many women also seek jawline enhancement and chin augmentation via dermal fillers. For women with slightly recessed chins (as men may have), dermal fillers help add strength and projection to their chins and profiles. Women may also seek to receive fillers along their jaw to define and enhance their jawline while still looking feminine. The chin defines the neck and entire face, and a little filler to correct any asymmetries or shadows in the chin (or along the jaw) can make a woman or man instantly more attractive while still looking like themselves.

If you look in the mirror you may notice natural indentations around your chin and along your jaw. Micro adjustments — via filler to fill these indentations — give the appearance of smoother more youthful-looking lines along the jaw and chin with fewer shadows along the mouth and a stronger profile. The process for a male and female patient is similar in theory, however, your injector should have astute knowledge in discerning the differences between a male and female’s attractive facial traits. The way a male’s jaw may receive enhancement will differ greatly from that of a female’s. These distinctions must be made to avoid a female patient looking more masculine after receiving jawline enhancement by an inexperienced injector.

If you’ve been considering getting fillers along your jaw or chin there’s more good news! This simple and incredibly safe procedure is quick, relatively pain-free, and requires little to no downtime. After applying numbing cream around the injection sites, board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar and his experienced team at Toronto’s Elements Spa, begin by using a cannula (sometimes a needle) to safely inject the filler to the area while manipulating the filler to assure smooth assimilation, facial symmetry and harmony. When completed, patients can return to their daily activities!

While you may experience some swelling or slight bruising (although rare) at the injection site on the day of treatment, most of our patients can schedule these sessions during their lunch hour before quickly getting back to the office. There’s no need to take time off and patients are always happy with their results and impressed with how subtle yet effective the changes are. We are inevitably in an age where the awareness of our facial features and angles are apparent. The amount of pictures we take of ourselves and others makes that more profound and leaves many patients seeking little tweaks to their profiles to make them look and feel more confident and happy with their overall look.

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