Medi-spa treatments have certainly become more sophisticated over the years, and so have surgical instruments! Over the last two decades, fillers have become more mainstream. Where injectables used to appear as only accessible to the rich and famous, men and women of all ages and ethnicities are reaping the benefits that injectables, like fillers, have to offer. In their inception, fillers used to be solely administered with needles. In the past (and currently), fat transfers to the face were mostly administered via a cannula. Fillers, however, were still applied with needles. Today, the popularity of cannulas has become prominent in injecting fillers and we’re not surprised! In this article, we’ll be describing why we prefer the cannula in most instances over the needle.

Many filler companies to this day deliver their fillers in sterile individual packs including needles. When injected, needles seamlessly cut through the skin and any underlying tissues and structures like a hot knife — they do not discriminate. A cannula, however, has a blunt round tip that does not puncture easily. The thicker the gauge of the cannula, the less likely it is to pierce any tissues, veins, or arteries. This is imperative when injecting filler because misplaced filler can lead to negative results and health risks. Have you seen botched filler jobs resulting in patient blindness in the media? This is a result of an injector mistakenly placing filler in a vein or artery. This is why it is so vitally imperative you choose a skilled and experienced injector.

In the most recent decade, many injectors have found the use of cannulas to be incredibly helpful and safe. The following are reasons why we at Toronto’s Elements Spa also use a cannula for injecting hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. The round head of the cannula is less likely to cause trauma under the skin — leading to less bruising and swelling. To inject with a cannula, your injector will need to create a puncture hole with a needle. This will allow access to the cannula. Because the cannula is also long, the one hole allows the cannula to enter, as well as fill multiple areas through the same entry point. What does this mean for the patient? It’s safer because there is less underlying structural damage, as well as fewer punctures needed and less downtime.

Your injector will be able to feel each underlying structure beneath the skin that the cannula passes or weaves through and around. The cannula allows the injector to find a safe pathway to administer the filler without piercing through the tissues and avoiding major damage, danger, and trauma to the skin. It is also vital that your injector chooses to administer with a cannula of an appropriate gauge. The thickness or diameter of the cannula will pair with specific fillers of various velocities and flows for seamless application. When administered appropriately with a cannula, patients can expect beautiful results (especially in their facial structure) that are smoother, more even, and symmetrical. Our patients love their results and much prefer the lesser risk as well as little to no bruising, swelling, or downtime!

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