Summer is here which means a change in weather along with your daily skincare routine and regimen. Harsh winter weather can certainly do damage to your skin. Our skin’s moisture barrier is a protective layer of skin comprised of lipids and fatty acids that shield us from our environment and attempts to keep as much moisture as possible. Over winter, our skin is exposed to constant dry heat indoors, along with cold and blistery outdoor weather which can really affect your skin. If you tend to over-exfoliate, use harsh cleansers, and scalding hot water to cleanse, this can damage it further. In this blog, we’ll be exploring some options to rehydrate your skin, repair your skin’s moisture barrier and seek out Elements Spa’s hydrating skincare treatments for beautiful, hydrated, and revitalized skin just in time for summer.

Our skin protects us from irritating substances and bacterial infections. The dryness that comes with winter sucks the moisture out of the skin and cold temperatures further break down our moisture barrier. Essentially it results in our skin’s water loss. This can lead to chapped, dry, and peeling skin. Because of this, patients may run to their nearest skincare store to purchase harsh physical and chemical exfoliants to attempt to slough off dead skin, only to leave the skin drier and more sensitive and irritated.

At Toronto’s Elements Spa, board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar and his medically-trained team of skincare experts will be able to appropriately consult with you and reverse your dehydrated skin so that it becomes refreshed and rehydrated. This is done via a personalized plan that is tailored to each patient’s skin type.

Adding hydration and repairing the skin does not have to be difficult, but it is always best to consult with a professional to assure the right treatments and products are being used. At Elements Spa, we offer numerous tailored hydrafacials that gently eat away at any dead skin cells without physical abrasion. Your skin care specialist may also utilize a gentle combination of acids to remove any clogged dirt and debris in your pores leaving a clean palette for the coming moisture to penetrate and hydrate the skin. Many of these gentle treatments including the hydrafacial do not include painful extractions. These hyaluronic acid hydra facial treatments are delivered through a  micro-needling delivery system which ensures that the hydrating molecules are directly delivered and instilled in the mid-layers of your dermis. This will stay there and will hydrate the dermal layer from within over a course of a few weeks .

What results is skin that is properly cleansed and hydrated with a skin barrier that quickly begins to rebuild itself. Your skincare professional may advise a series of treatments along with recommended products that are simple and gentle enough to cleanse and hydrate your skin without doing further damage. Certain soaps and cleansers can contain harsh alkaline pH’s which only lead to more irritation. To protect and rebuild the skin’s lipid barrier, along with regular hydrafacial sessions, patients will be consulted on which products are best suited as well as a skincare routine that will leave the skin looking fresher, brighter, younger, and repaired.

If you’re tired of having dry, chapped, and dehydrated skin and would love to consult with one of our professionals led by Dr. Adibfar, then we would be happy to discuss several gentle and customized options for you. While the winter weather is certainly behind us for now, some of the incurred damage to your skin may still linger. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding how we can help get your skin in the best shape ever for this summer and the seasons that follow.

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