We’re always wondering—what can we do to prevent premature aging and help our skin as it ages? Our skin might probably be our most important organ, and we’re discovering now more than ever that we really need to take care of our skin while we’re young to assure we’re looking the best we can as we begin to mature and reach important milestones. Pollution, genetics, diet and poor lifestyle choices all inevitably compound to showcase themselves on our skin. We see these signals as undeniable wrinkles, pesky dark spots, deep creases and more! Fortunately, our patients at Toronto’s Elements Spa utilize our latest technologies and treatments (alongside highly-experienced and medically-trained staff) to reap the anti-aging benefits of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers like Perlane. Let’s begin by reviewing how the skin ages.

One of the primary reasons why each individual ages so differently is due to genetic factors. Our genes can determine hair and eye colour, just as they can determine how we age. It’s important to note that some patients will need a more well-maintained anti-aging skincare routine compared to others who may show more obvious signs of aging years later. To begin, the dermis (or top layer of the skin) contains collagen and elastin fibres that provide the skin with elasticity, structure and support.

Generally speaking, in your mid to late 20s, the skin’s cell renewal process begins to slow down and the skin becomes thinner and more sensitive to external conditions such as prolonged sun exposure and/or harsh weather. This can result in poor skin texture, as well as a decrease in collagen and elastin in the dermis layer of skin. This breaks down to the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and more lax skin. A well-practiced skincare routine and avoided sun exposure make all the difference in the appearance of your skin, and this is where Perlane comes in.

Perlane is a clear gel dermal filler with a more robust texture, ideal for deeper layers of the skin. This safe, FDA-approved filler is used for subtle enhancements to prevent aging and minimize already more obvious signs of aging. It is more commonly used in areas of the middle of the face to replenish any hallowing and give the patient’s skin vitality via hydration.

Board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar begins with numbing anesthetic cream to the treated area. The filler itself also includes a mild anesthetic to make the treatment more comfortable. Using a small needle to make an initial entry point, Dr. Adibfar then uses a small cannula to minimize bruising and painlessly thread the Perlane to the most needed areas. Because Perlane’s formula is thicker than others, it tends to have a lifting effect to the areas injected. For this reason, many of the popular areas treated with Perlane are the cheeks (for more volume), nasal labial folds, smile or marionette lines, the chin and any other areas that need balancing. Patients immediately notice their lines soften and get smoother, as well that they gain a more youthful, refreshed look.

Depending on the patient, Perlane will usually last anywhere from 6-12 months before it is naturally metabolized by the body. And while it is certainly ideal for more mature patients noticing deep creases and wrinkles, it should also be noted as a fabulous preventative measure for those looking to postpone any signs of aging and maintain their skin’s optimal levels of hydration.

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