Let’s introduce you to the “second skin” that’s making headlines. A new material made from silicone-based polymer is showing promise to improving skin’s overall appearance. “Researchers in this area are finding that this material can actually mimic the properties of youthful skin,” says Dr. Adibfar, a top plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic enhancements. “Their research is showing that it can actually treat dry skin and provide UV protection all while enhancing the overall appearance of the skin.”

This is exciting news for the medical spa industry as more men and women seek out safe and effective skin enhancement treatments.

Our Skin Changes as We Age and the Second Skin May Help

Our skin changes at a rapid pace as we age. Whether we like it or not, we’ll likely experience the negative effects aging has on our once youthful looking skin. Over time our skin will lose its integrity and become less elastic. “As a person ages they’ll likely see their skin become more loose, dry and less smooth than it once was,” says Dr. Adibfar. “This has an impact on their beauty and self-image.”

As we age, we’re forced to look for ways to revitalize our appearance so we can look as young as possible for as long as we can. A healthy diet, exercise and a smart skin care regime might not give us the results we’re looking for. It’s just the reality of aging.

Creating a Beautiful “Second Skin”

There are certain materials available today that interface with the skin; much like a film placed over the skin. However, they are not engineered as a “second skin”. Researchers set out to design something that can be worn invisibly to restore a person’s skin to a beautiful state.

This sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi movie doesn’t it? But it’s a reality that is taking shape and becoming increasingly promising in the medical spa industry.

Researchers have designed and developed a wearable polymer layer that closely mimics the look, elasticity and structure of beautifully healthy skin.

During the testing phase, they found that this “second skin” helped reshape the skin and actually flattened fat pads that are often the cause of under-eye baggage and a lot of anxiety.

Further studies have shown that this revolutionary product decreased moisture loss and improved elasticity. One of the most positive things that have come out of these studies is that there are no foreseeable downsides to this revolutionary “second skin“.

“These findings and studies are extremely exciting for our team,” says Dr. Adibfar. “This new product – if it becomes a reality – could have a huge impact on the medical spa industry because there are very limited options beyond lasers, peels and topical products.”

The Future of “Second Skin”

Our team will be closely following the developments as more studies and tests are done. “We could see this as a very good option for many patients if it continues to deliver long-term results without side effects,” says Dr. Adibfar. “The future of the medispa industry and the treatments that are available for people seeking to revitalize their skin and appearance are promising.”

Stay tuned for more as we follow the developments of this exciting “second skin“.

Revitalize Your Skin and Beauty

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