Your first consultation is a great indicator of whether you’re choosing the right medically-trained spa specialist and facility for your treatment. Here at Toronto’s Elements Spa, our entire team strives to make your comfort and safety our main priorities. When a patient decides to have a medi-spa treatment at Elements Spa we make sure what sells them isn’t the treatment itself, but rather the genuine care (and astute level of experience) that our team has for our patients. We also encourage all of our patients to have multiple consultations at different practices with different treatment specialists. When they do, they’re better able to make the right decision for them. For those that choose board-certified Dr. Adibfar and his medi-spa team at Elements Spa, we know that they certainly feel more comfortable and better-taken care of after having explored their options.

Your first consultation will be your first meeting with us. This is when we discuss your medical history and physical records to rule out any medical risks. We love it when patients come in with a list of questions! And we’re certainly more than happy to answer your questions to take all the guesswork out and ultimately better educate our patients. Here are a few questions you should ask your surgeon during your consultation:

(1) Are you qualified?

Your treatment specialist should ALWAYS be well-qualified and experienced with a proven successful track record.

(2) What is your practice? How many of this particular treatment have you performed?

If you’re inquiring about mesotherapy and they specialize in cool sculpting, maybe another trained aesthetic specialist will be a better fit.

(3) Can I see before and afters, testimonials, etc.?

Your treatment specialist should not hesitate to offer proof of multiple successful treatments. These are a great visual indication of their level of experience and skill.

Once the initial questions are answered, the consultation should be a discussion about the medi-spa treatment, recovery, risks, expectations, downtime, possible side effects, and benefits. Other questions may include: ‘how long will¬† the results last, and will the results be permanent?’ Also, ‘will the treatment be painful or uncomfortable?’ Your skin care specialist should always listen to your goals and expectations while discussing different options to get the results you desire. They should also give you honest feedback regarding whether your goals are realistic and achievable, as well as whether they (the medi-spa specialist) would be the right fit for you.

At Elements Spa, Dr. Adibfar and his team always strive to understand each patient and accommodate their desires while being as transparent as possible in guiding them through their options. Your skincare specialist or surgeon should always be honest regarding expected results, limitations, and risks while informing you with what you can expect from your session.

At Elements Spa, our goal is to provide improvement, not perfection. We don’t want our patients to look like someone else, but rather to look like the best and most refreshed version of themselves. We want our patients to leave a consultation feeling informed, comfortable and at ease that they’re making the right decision to move forward with board-certified Dr. Adibfar and his medi-spa team at Elements Spa. We strongly believe that the best results and outcomes always begin with a great consultation, and we strive to make sure patients leave well-educated, content and completely satisfied.

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