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“Age Defying Skin Care Treatments” Silk Peel, Glycolic Peel, Lactic Peel

Monthly facials and specialized treatments are essentials for maintaining radiant skin and staving off aging. Although these soon to be mentioned treatments do treat a long list of conditions, women and men shouldn’t wait until they have breakouts, dry and dehydrated skin, wrinkles and/or dark spots before beginning a specialized facial or peel treatment. These […]

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“What’s New in Hair Care” Hair Growth Treatments: Revitacare Hair Care & PRP

While it is true that our DNA plays a crucial role in the quality of our skin, hair, nails, and the way we age, the latest scientific research and technological advancements give us the opportunity to take advantage of many safe and effective treatments we have available today that slow down the aging process and […]

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“The One Thing You Need to Know” Microblading: The Best Eyebrows Tell It All

Eyebrows are an incredibly important facial feature often overlooked by many women. They create expression, draw attention to the eyes, can make someone look younger and more polished, as well can make makeup application a lot easier. Keeping the eyebrows groomed and shaped does take maintenance, however, recent aesthetic techniques and innovations have allowed for […]

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FORMA: Fractional Thermal Contraction For the Face

Who wouldn’t love to experience similar benefits to a face lift without the surgery, recovery or downtime? Elements Spa can deliver an extremely safe, painless and natural facial treatment that tightens, lifts and rejuvenates the skin and could be done during your lunch hour without any indication of having a treatment done. Interested? Let’s learn […]

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What is a Liquid Facelift?

We’re truly living during an extraordinary time, where knowledge and skill, paired with advanced technological progression has led to anti-aging discoveries that can radically enhance one’s appearance without results that look unnatural or overdone, and without the need for surgical intervention! The Liquid Facelift is one of these various remarkable modern treatments. Via safe fillers—administered […]

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Scar Revision Tips and Options

If you’ve ever been injured, had something surgically removed, had a cosmetic plastic surgery (or any type of surgery) or endured an accident of any kind, you probably have a scar of some sort to prove it. And while we tend to refer to scars generally, there are many different kinds which vary in appearance, […]

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Easy Fixes For the Face Using Sciton-Skin Tyte

Our skin and bodies gradually change as we age—most times in ways we aren’t too fond of. Men and women may notice the appearance of jowls starting to form, or loose skin and poor elasticity in the neck area, around the chin and jawline. As a result, more and more patients seek efficient, non-invasive methods […]

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Stress Relieving Tips / 3 Ways to Relieve Stress at Elements Spa 

Need a break? Daily stress taking a toll on your body and mind? We all experience stress when we get too overwhelmed. And our nonstop lifestyles, which carry unending responsibilities, make it easy for our bodies to rev up a twenty-four hour a day stress response. Acquired stresses like mortgage payments, difficult employees, looming exams […]

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Look Years Younger with a Brow Lift

Our facial expressions are visible signs of how we feel, and droopy brows could make an individual appear sad, tired and exhausted when they’re not feeling that way at all! Heredity, the natural aging process, environmental causes and over active muscles are all contributing factors to permanent unfavourable changes of the brows and surrounding skin. […]

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The Multi-Platinum Supreme Facial

Are you looking for a facial that will leave your skin looking brighter, tighter, hydrated and more youthful while addressing any nagging signs of aging? In the midst of our incredibly hectic lifestyles, it’s important that we make time to care for ourselves and our skin. Elements Spa’s Multi-Platinum Supreme Facial is the most luxurious, […]

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