We’re truly living during an extraordinary time, where knowledge and skill, paired with advanced technological progression has led to anti-aging discoveries that can radically enhance one’s appearance without results that look unnatural or overdone, and without the need for surgical intervention! The Liquid Facelift is one of these various remarkable modern treatments. Via safe fillers—administered by an experienced board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon like Elements Spa’s own Dr. Adibfar—patients notice increased volume in hallow areas of the face, that their lines and wrinkles get filled, as well find more added definition to a newly balanced overall profile. And while the Liquid Facelift does not particularly replace the results achieved from a conventional facelift, it’s a great option for those seeking nonsurgical solutions to their aging concerns. So what is the Liquid Facelift exactly? 

The Liquid Facelift is achieved with a combination of safe and gentle injections to the face. Depending on the customer’s needs, facial composition and desired results, the administrator or board-certified surgeon may use a combination of fillers including dermal fillers and Botox. These may include Restylane , Juvéderm, Radiesse, Voluma, Dysport and others, all working together to target specific areas for optimal results. 

Fillers and Botox are very popular treatments for women and men of all ages and ethnicities. And while you will find many clinics and medispas around you that offer these services, it’s always best patients do thorough research of the locations they’re considering, as well as the history, skill and experience of the administrator or plastic surgeon. While the quality of the Botox injection (for example) may only vary slightly from clinic to clinic, the results do depend mostly on the skill and expertise of the injector. Board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon and oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Adibfar is one of Toronto’s best in the field, with an extensive history of achieving optimal results for happy returning patients. While facial symmetry and balance can be highly scientific, Dr. Adibfar considers it more of an art form, allowing for superior results while leaving his patients looking natural. He constantly works with the goal not to change the way a patient looks, but to have them looking like themselves, only fresher, more youthful, rested, and with multiple years stripped from their appearance. 

The Liquid Facelift begins with a thorough consultation with Elements MediSpa’s Dr. Adibfar. This stage is critical. Here a patient will voice any concerns as well as specific areas of the face they’d prefer to be rejuvenated. With that knowledge, Dr. Adibfar then discusses the various options as well as which fillers will be used for which areas for optimal results. Before treatment, Dr. Adibfar will sit down with the patient and begin to chart or draw over troublesome areas to specifically indicate where injections may be placed as well as which areas of the face will be affected. At this time, Dr. Adibfar will also mark any asymmetry that needs to be corrected (ie. one brow droops lower than the other). While the markings do help significantly while administering injections, Dr. Adibfar also injects by following the anatomical location of the muscles that are causing the deep wrinkles, lines and creases. Once the patient’s face is mapped out, the procedure can begin.

A numbing cream is applied to areas of the face to be treated for a more comfortable and tolerable experience. Dermal fillers, consisting of hyaluronic acid, will be administered using a blunt rounded cannula, severally decreasing any chance of swelling or bruising. The hyaluronic acid naturally attracts hydration to the treated area, as well promotes collagen production, allowing for lines like crow’s feet, nasal labial folds and tired tear troughs to be filled and hydrated. Radiesse, a volumizing filler, also naturally stimulates collagen production while adding body a lift to the cheeks. As mentioned earlier, it is crucial that these are administered by an experienced injector and/or plastic surgeon. After injecting, Dr. Adibfar smooths over the areas to make certain fillers are well contoured to best suit the patient’s facial structure and balance. For deeper lines around the forehead and between the eyes, Dr. Adibfar may use Botox, a purified protein that doesn’t work to completely paralyze the muscle, however allows the muscle to relax for a more natural look that still allows for movement. 

It is important to note that a Liquid Facelift is not permanent. Dermal fillers are naturally absorbed by enzymes in the body and will need routine maintenance somewhere between 1 and 2 years after treatment. Full results will appear 1week after each treatment. 

Patients are often concerned that maintaining youthfulness and beauty via fillers may look artificial, overdone or overfilled. At Elements MediSpa, we strive for radiance, rejuvenation and natural enhancement that others will notice, however won’t wonder whether our patients had ‘work done.’ Our happy patients look more rested, relaxed and softened, with the bonus of having subtracted years off their appearance via a treatment and staff that hold every patient’s safety paramount. 

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