Our facial expressions are visible signs of how we feel, and droopy brows could make an individual appear sad, tired and exhausted when they’re not feeling that way at all! Heredity, the natural aging process, environmental causes and over active muscles are all contributing factors to permanent unfavourable changes of the brows and surrounding skin. Fortunately there are effective and efficient ways of addressing these concerns that lend naturally-looking results that restore a more relaxed and youthful appearance. These results can be achieved with a brow lift. 

A brow lift can lend a more youthful and energetic appearance to the forehead and brow region. Through surgery, any creases appearing across the forehead or between the brows are smoothed and reduced. In addition, a brow lift can also improve heaviness on the upper eye lids caused by sagging brows. As a result, the eyelids also appear more open and alert. 

A brow lift is best performed on adults in generally good health who aren’t experiencing any life threatening illnesses or medical conditions. Patients who smoke should also refrain for a least a few weeks before surgery, until a few weeks after surgery to aid in healing and reduce the chance of poor healing or irregular scar formation. The brow lift can be performed using several different techniques, and in conjunction with other complimentary rejuvenative surgical and nonsurgical procedures. A brow lift can be performed under local or general anesthesia depending on the extent of work needed. 

One of the most commonly performed brow lift procedures is called an Endoscopic Brow Lift. This involves various small incisions made behind the hair line which allow the cosmetic plastic surgeon to elevate the entire forehead and brow into its new position. The advantage of this type of brow lift is that the incision lines are camouflaged by the hair, however, the amount of elevation in the brow is modest in comparison to other brow lift techniques.  

The goal of a Lateral Brow Lift is to lift the outer or temporal region of the brow. The incisions are made in the temple area close to the hairline so that incision scars remain undetectable. A small amount of skin is safely and carefully removed and threads are pulled and secured to keep the patient’s brows elevated.

The third technique is the Direct Brow Lift which involves removing a small amount of skin above the brow and securing the two edges to close the gap and allow for a naturally lifted looking eyebrow. This approach also allows for more control and shape over the elevation of the brow. After full recovery the scar is typically seen as very fine and unnoticeable. 

Recovery from a brow lift is swift. Patients leave the office the same day with the help of an accompanied loved one or friend and specific instructions regarding care for the incisions, as well as medical prescriptions which will aid in healing and reduce any risk of infection. During the healing process patients may experience bruising, swelling, numbness and/or discomfort which are all normal reactions. Light activity is well tolerated a few days after surgery and any swelling will rapidly reduce between 5-10 days into recovery when patients will also be able to return to work. Any minor residual bruising at this time can be easily camouflaged with makeup. Over time the incision lines will also greatly improve. 

There are various complimentary procedures that may be used to enhance the brow lift. Depending on the patient, a brow lift may be performed alongside eyelid surgery to address moderate hooding and droopy or sagging eyelids. The results are an eye area that appears more open, revitalized and youthful. Other procedures may include a more extensive forehead lift and nonsurgical procedures including laser resurfacing and chemical peels to reduce the appearance of any deep creases along the forehead or lines between the brows. 

It is important to note that results are long lasting however are not permanent due to our bodies’ natural progression of aging. It is also crucial patients seek the expertise of an experienced board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon such as Dr. Adibfar who has performed many brow lifts using various techniques and on a multitude of patients. This will ensure that results are natural looking and conservative, rather than expressions that appear permanently surprised and unnatural. 

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