The stressors of daily life and the natural aging process can seriously take a toll on your skin while adding unnecessary extra years to your perceived age. If you’re someone who doesn’t necessarily need cosmetic plastic surgery, but you want to regain the natural look of vitality, vibrance, and enthusiasm in your face and skin, then dermal fillers may be the right option for you. Let’s dive into how fillers can get your glow back!

How Your Skin Is Impacted Everyday

Life is busy. And no matter your age your hectic day-to-day can certainly negatively impact your skin over time. Slowly over the years, our skin begins to lose its volume and structure leaving our face looking less vibrant and more deflated. Specific areas of the face that can lose their luster are the cheeks/cheekbones, jawline, and eyes. For some, poor lifestyle changes can cause facial skin to age more rapidly. These can include smoking, a diet high in sugar and processed foods, alcohol, lack of quality sleep, and sun damage.

Why Our Skin Loses Its Elasticity

Over time our skin also begins to lose its stores of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin allow our skin to look juicy, plump, hydrated, and structured. As a result, we start to see more wrinkles, laugh lines, and deep creases in multiple areas. Our skin may also lose some structure and begin to sag, contributing to loose skin closer to the chin, jawline, and neck. This loss of collagen and thinning of the skin also reduces the skin’s ability to retain hydration and elasticity.

Fortunately, at Toronto’s Elements Spa our professional, qualified, and experienced medi-spa team —led by board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar—can offer multiple noninvasive solutions to these pesky skin issues via dermal fillers. When administered appropriately, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers can work absolute wonders on a patient’s facial rejuvenation.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers work effectively, safely, and with no downtime. They essentially contribute to facial balance, improve a patient’s facial profile and display immediate results. With Dr. Adibfar, results are always subtle and natural-looking while still providing the impact the patient desires.

Injecting dermal fillers requires an incredibly meticulous and artistic eye. Bringing volume and balance to the face can be quite difficult because all patients are unique and have some slight asymmetries. The fillers are carefully selected depending on the site and then gently injected and contoured to give facial features more volume, curvature, lift, fullness, and hydration. This added volume and hydration allow the face to naturally look more refreshed and younger-looking.

All dermal fillers are made of certain combinations of hyaluronic acids. These acids are made of the same components found in our connective tissues and function by bringing hydration back into the skin. The dermal fillers essentially allow the injection sites to attain more hydration and appear more voluminous. This also allows your skin to build more collagen and develop more structure as well!

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